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Advair 100mcg Diskus 100/50mcg
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Product type:
Active Ingredient(s):
fluticasone, salmeterol
100/50 mcg
Pack Size:
60 dose(s)
Advair 100/50mcg 60 Tab (Rx-B-Dry-CAD)
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Buy Advair Diskus Asthma Inhaler Medications 100/50 Mcg

How do I fill a prescription for Advair Diskus 100/50 Mcg online?

If your doctor has prescribed Advair Diskus to manage your asthma or COPD, you can order this inhaler online from Simply send your prescription to YouDrugstore and our health care team will review your prescription and send it right to your mailbox with cheap shipping. When you purchase this drug from YouDrugstore you get genuine medication from a Canadian pharmacy.

When might a doctor prescribe this inhaler?

Doctors most commonly prescribe Advair Diskus to their patients who are suffering from asthma, or who have a tendency towards asthma. This inhaler can help these patients manage their asthma symptoms, helping to keep airways clearer and prevent asthma attacks. Doctors often also give their patients an Advair inhaler prescription to treat and prevent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) flare-ups associated with chronic bronchitis or emphysema or both. This medication may be used in conjunction with, but is not meant to replace, a fast-acting inhaler.

Why does it help asthma and COPD patients?

The Advair Diskus is an inhaled powder medication with two main ingredients. Fluticasone propionate is an anti-inflammatory medication. The steroid fluticasone in this medicine helps to prevent the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. When the patient's airways are no longer inflamed, their airways are more open and they are able to breathe easier. The second medication in Advair is salmeterol xinafoate, which is a long-acting bronchodilator. The salmeterol helps to relax muscles in the patient's airways, which improves breathing by reducing wheezing and shortness of breath. Together, the two ingredients in this ihalation medication can help patients manage their asthma and COPD symptoms, making it easier and more comfortable for them to breathe.

Side effects

The most common negative effects include

  • throat irritation, an upper respiratory tract infection or viral infection
  • thrush
  • muscle and bone pain
  • cough
  • bronchitis
  • hoarseness or a change of voice
  • headache
  • nausea and vomiting.
  • Children with asthma commonly get an infection in their ear, nose, or throat when taking it.

Other side effects could include

  • an allergic reaction,
  • an increased chance of getting pneumonia
  • a weakened immune system
  • reduced adrenal function,
  • sudden breathing problems
  • bone thinning or osteoporosis
  • nervousness and tremor
  • chest pain
  • irregular heartbeat
  • increased blood pressure
  • eye problems such as cataracts or glaucoma
  • changes in sugar, potassium, or white blood cell levels in the blood.

These may not be all the possible side effects, so if you have any concerns or any symptoms be sure to speak to your health care provider.

How to use this inhaler?

You should take Advair Diskus every day to help prevent your COPD and asthma symptoms. Take it at the same time each day, with doses about twelve hours apart. The medication contains pre-measured doses of the medication, so all you do is turn the disk to access the next dose and take the medication according to your healthcare provider's instructions. After using it, you should rinse your mouth with water and spit it back out to help prevent a thrush infection.

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