Alendronate 70mg
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70 mg
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Alendronate 70mg

What is Alendronate 70mg?

Alendronate is the generic version of a prescription drug marketed under the brand name Fosamax. This medication treats and prevents osteoporosis, which may cause bones to break and fracture more easily.

Why do doctors prescribe Alendronate 70mg?

Doctors prescribe Alendronate to prevent bone loss in men, post-menopausal women and in patients who receive corticosteroid medications such as prednisone. As a result, patients are less likely to fracture a bone.

How Alendronate 70mg works

Bone undergoes a continuous process of breaking down old bone and forming new bone. Fosamax works by binding to the bone and slowing the breaking down process. As a result, bones are more dense and less likely to break.

How and when to take Alendronate 70mg

Take Alendronate orally with a full glass of plain water upon waking and before eating or drinking anything. Alendronate is only effective if taken on an empty stomach. After swallowing the medication, do not lie down for 30 minutes. This medication is taken ONCE per week. Take one tablet of Alendronate on the same day each week.

Alendronate 70mg side effects

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • black stools
  • irritation or ulceration of the esophagus
  • heartburn
  • bone, muscle or joint pain

These may not be all the side effects of Alendronate.

Contraindications of Alendronate 70mg

You should not take Alendronate if are unable to stand or sit upright for at least 30 minutes, are allergic to any of its ingredients, have low blood calcium, have certain disorders of the esophagus or have severe kidney disease.

Precautions when taking Alendronate 70mg

Before taking Alendronate, let your doctor know if you have kidney disease, digestive problems, cancer or poor oral hygiene. Tell your doctor if you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or are taking corticosteroids.

How to store Alendronate 70mg

Store Alendronate at room temperature, safely away from the reach of children.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, which increases the risk of fracture. Usually, there are no symptoms until the first fracture happens. Other symptoms which appear may include a stooped posture, back pain or loss of height. At a young age, your body makes new bone faster than it breaks down old bone, so your bone mass increases. As people age, bone mass is lost more quickly than it's produced. Peak bone mass usually occurs when a person is in their early 20s. The higher your peak bone mass, the less likely you are to develop osteoporosis as you age. One of the most serious complications of osteoporosis is a hip fracture, which is often caused by a fall and can result in disability and even an increased risk of death within the first year after the injury. Risk factors for osteoporosis include genetics, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, history of rheumatoid arthritis, low body weight, lack of exercise, lack of calcium and vitamin D, personal history of fracture as an adult and family history of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis may be diagnosed with X-rays and tests to measure bone density. Doctors often prescribe bisphosphonates to both men and women who are at higher risk of fracture.

Where can I purchase Alendronate 70mg?

You can only order Alendronate if you have a prescription for it from a doctor. If you have already been given a prescription, you can buy Fosamax from YouDrugstore. We are a Canadian online pharmacy, where you can purchase Fosamax for osteoporosis at the same price most Canadians pay. All you have to do is register online at and then send us your prescription. Once we have received your prescription and all of the necessary information, our team of professional physicians and pharmacy technicians will review your order. Purchase Alendronate from YouDrugstore and we will ship your order directly to your home address for a cheap cost in shipping. We also provide free shipping on any order over $100. Buy Fosamax today from YouDrugstore and begin treating bone loss as soon as possible.

More information about Alendronate 70mg and osteoporosis

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