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What is Crinone?


Crinone is a vaginal gel containing the hormone progesterone, usually prescribed as a fertility drug. This hormone can help boost progesterone levels in a woman's body, helping her body prepare for and maintain a pregnancy.


Why do doctors prescribe this medication?


Doctors may prescribe this medicine to women who have a low progesterone level which is causing infertility. A progesterone deficiency may make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant and to carry her baby to term, so supplementing hormone levels with a progesterone drug can help increase the chances of a successful pregnancy on its own or in conjunction with fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF).


How does the drug work?


The drug contains the hormone progesterone, which is naturally found in a woman's body, and in small amounts in a man's body. Among other things, progesterone helps prepare a woman's uterine lining after ovulation, making it suitable for a fertilized egg to implant. If a woman has low progesterone levels, the egg may not be able to implant. Progesterone also helps to maintain the uterus throughout a pregnancy, so if progesterone levels drop during pregnancy, a woman may not be able to carry her baby to term. The drug helps infertility by supplementing a woman's progesterone hormone levels. This helps to ensure enough progesterone to prepare and maintain the uterus throughout pregnancy.


When and how to use


Your fertility doctor will tell you how and when you should use your this gel, and the dose, and you can also refer to your product leaflet. You will likely take a dose of 90 mg of the drug vaginally, once or twice daily. This may start on the day of embryo transfer when you are undergoing IVF treatments, and if you become pregnant, you may continue to take the medication for up to twelve weeks to help maintain the pregnancy. To use the medication, first hold the applicator at the thick end and shake the contents down into the thin end, then twist off the tab. While sitting or lying on your back with your knees bent, gently insert the thin end of the Crinone applicator into your vagina. Press the thick end of the applicator firmly to release the gel, then remove the applicator. Be sure to discard the applicator after one use. If you miss a dose, take it the next day and continue with your regular schedule, or ask your doctor for advice. Do not take a double dose of this medication.


Side effects


Side effects could include:


  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Breast swelling or pain
  • Vaginal pain
  • Decreased interest in sex
  • Drowsiness or tiredness


Seek medical attention if these side effects persist or worsen. Although you may experience vaginal discharge with little white balls of gel, seek medical attention if you have any other unusual vaginal discharge, odor, or itching.


Rare but serious side effects could include:


  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Lumps in the breast
  • Increased nighttime urination
  • Yellowing skin or eyes
  • Swollen feet or ankles or other signs of water weight gain
  • Mental or mood changes like mood swings, depression, or nervousness
  • Vision changes or slurred speech
  • Chest pain or trouble breathing
  • Weakness on one side of the body
  • Pain, redness, and swelling of the arms or legs



A serious allergic reaction to this medication is rare, but seek medical attention if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction like rash, trouble breathing, severe dizziness, or itching and swelling of the face, tongue, or throat. These may not be all the possible side effects.




Do not use this medication if you are allergic to it or to any other progesterone drug. Do not take the drug if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, have had a miscarriage and there may still be tissue in the uterus, have an ectopic pregnancy where the fetus is growing outside the uterus, have breast or genital cancer or another cancer that relies on progesterone to grow, have liver disease or decreased liver function, have porphyria, or have a history of blood clots or inflammation of the veins. Store the gel at room temperature, away from extreme heat or cold. Keep this medicine and all fertility drugs out of the reach of children.


Other medication prescribed with it


Your doctor may have prescribed Crinone as part of an assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), on its own or along with other fertility drugs to trigger ovulation. You may also use a fertility monitor or ovulation tests to determine when you are ovulating and the best time to conceive.


What is low progesterone?


Progesterone is a hormone involved in the menstrual cycle, among other important functions in a woman's body. Although young girls and women past menopause have lower levels of this hormone, most women of reproductive age have higher levels. However, some women of reproductive age have unusually low levels of progesterone. Women with low progesterone are lacking enough hormone to properly regulate their menstrual cycle each month, and more importantly for fertility, these women do not have enough progesterone to trigger the thickening of the uterine lining after ovulation and maintain the lining during pregnancy. This means their uterus is not prepared to nurture a fertilized egg, so the egg will either not implant or the baby will not survive to term.


Symptoms of low progesterone, also called progesterone deficiency, include irregular menstrual cycle, lack of a menstrual period, or heavy bleeding; premenstrual syndrome (PMS), decreased sex drive, mood swings and depression, breast tenderness or fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, fibroids, endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction, or gallbladder problems. During pregnancy, symptoms of low progesterone could include spotting or abdominal pain, which could be caused by toxemia or ectopic pregnancy, and there could also be a risk of miscarriage or death of the fetus. Using drugs like Crinone can help raise progesterone levels, relieving these symptoms and helping to prepare the uterus for pregnancy.


Where to order


Low progesterone can mean trouble conceiving, which in turn means facing the high cost of fertility treatments. We can help you. Order Crinone and other fertility drugs, with free shipping. Speak to your doctor who can diagnose your low progesterone and recommend the best fertility drugs for you. Once you have a prescription for this gel or another fertilty drug, bring it to us and place your order online or by phoning our customer service hotline. One of our partner pharmacies will then ship your vaginal gel so you can start increasing your progesterone levels, increasing your chance of a successful pregnancy.

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