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How do you order Climara 100 mcg online?

Order Climara 100 mcg online from YouDrugstore. We are an online pharmacy based in Canada, which means when you buy Climara 100 mcg from us you pay the same price that a Canadian would pay. Purchase Climara 100 mcg today and we will have your order shipped right to your home at a discount shipping cost. If your order is over $100 shipping is free. All you have to do is register with YouDrugstore and send us your prescription for Climara 100 mcg. Our professional team of health care specialists will review your prescription. You can also talk to your doctor about faxing us your prescription directly. Order Climara 100 mcg from YouDrugstore today and find relief from the symptoms of menopause.

Why is Climara 100 mcg prescribed to treat the symptoms of menopause?

Climara 100 mcg is a skin patch designed to release estradiol into your blood stream. The patch has an adhesive that binds to your skin and delivers the medication as your skin absorbs it. Estradiol is the active ingredient in Climara and it is a type of estrogen. Estrogen is important for your treatment of menopausal symptoms as your symptoms are caused by a lack of estrogen in your body. When you enter into menopause your body stops producing as much estrogen on its own, and the sudden drop in hormones can be a shock to your system. This is what causes hot flashes, dry mouth, itchiness, trouble sleeping, painful sexual intercourse, mood swings, and dizziness during menopause. Climara 100 mcg works to balance and maintain your estrogen levels, alleviating these symptoms. Order Climara 100 mcg today from YouDrugstore and alleviate your symptoms as soon as possible.

What are the side effects of taking Climara 100 mcg?

Mood swings, dizziness, bloating, redness, irritation of the skin where the patch is applied, and breast pain and tenderness are all common side effects when taking Climara 100 mcg. You should contact your doctor if they worsen or persist, or if you experience fever, pressure or pain in your pelvis, confusion, irregular or fast heart beat, or severe dizziness. These are rare but serious side effects that should be reported. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you experience any other unusual symptoms, speak to your doctor.

When should you take Climara 100 mcg?

Apply one Climara 100 mcg patch to your skin every week. Discard the old one when the week is up. When you remove a patch, clean the area where it was applied. When you apply a new patch, apply it in a new area. Fold the old patch closed and throw it out immediately: it still contains active hormones that can seriously harm a child. Never use two patches at the same time. Regardless, always use Climara exactly how your doctor has directed you to use it. If you are unsure, or if you have any questions, speak to your doctor.

Who might receive a prescription for Climara 100 mcg from their doctor?

Doctors mostly prescribe Climara 100 mcg to adult women who are either entering or in menopause, have undergone a hysterectomy, or are dealing with a hormone imbalance. If you are an adult woman between the ages of 44 and 60 years old, and showing symptoms of menopause, your doctor has prescribed Climara 100 mcg to treat menopausal symptoms. If you have recently had a hysterectomy your doctor has prescribed Climara 100 mcg to maintain your hormone balance as your body adjusts to the surgery. Climara should never be used by men or by children.

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