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Estradot (Vivelle Dot) 75ug
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Product type:
Active Ingredient(s):
estradiol hemihydrate
75 ug
Pack Size:
8 pack(s)
Estradot 75mcg/24H 8 Patches (Rx-B-Dry-CAD)
Country of Origin:

Buy Estradot 75ug Patches Online

Where can you order Estradot 75 ug patches online?

You can order Estradot 75 ug patches from Canada. YouDrugstore is an online pharmacy based in Canada, offering you Estradot 75 ug patches at the same price Canadians pay. In order to buy Estradot 75 ug patches from YouDrugstore just send us your prescription and register on our website. Our team of pharmacy technicians and qualified physicians will collect and review the information once it has been received. Purchase Estradot 75 ug patches from YouDrugstore and we will ship your order directly to you for a low cost in shipping. YouDrugstore even offers free shipping on any order over $100. Order Estradot 75 ug patches from YouDrugstore today and help prevent osteoporosis.

What is menopause and what is osteoporosis?

Menopause is the time in a woman's life when the uterus stops producing eggs for fertilization, and produces much less estrogen. In other words, it is the time when a woman stops having her monthly period. It happens naturally with age, or it can happen when a woman undergoes a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is when a doctor surgically removes the uterus and the rest of a woman's sexual organs. In both cases there is a sudden drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen is the female sex hormone. This sudden drop in estrogen often causes many of the symptoms you may be experiencing, such as hot flashes, dizziness, lack of energy, breast pain, headaches, mood shifts, painful sexual intercourse, dryness, anxiety, heart palpitations, weight gain, and interrupted sleep patterns. Osteoporosis is when your bones lose mass and strength, resulting in an increased risk for breaking. Osteoporosis is a disease that is also a common symptom that follows women into post-menopause, as estrogen is also responsible for maintaining and repairing bone mass.

When should you apply Estradot 75 ug patches?

Your doctor will most likely tell you how to apply Estradot 75 ug patches, as well as when you should start using them. Once you have begun treatment with Estradot 75 ug patches, do not suddenly stop taking them without first consulting with your doctor. Typically, you will change the patch every 3 or 4 days. When you apply a new patch try to use an area of skin that you have not yet used. Make sure to properly dispose of the patches when you are finished with them as they carry enough medication to seriously harm a child. If a patch accidentally falls off clean the area of skin where the patch was and re-apply a new patch, then continue on the same schedule. Regardless, always follow your doctor's directions precisely when using Estradot 75 ug patches.

Why are Estradot 75 ug patches prescribed to treat the symptoms of menopause and to prevent osteoporosis?

Estradot 75 ug patches provide your body with Estradiol, which is essentially the very estrogen your body lacks during menopause or after a hysterectomy. By supplementing your body with estrogen Estradot 75 ug patches help abate symptoms while your body adjusts to the changes it has experienced. The supply of estrogen that Estradot 75 ug patches provide also prevents osteoporosis because, as mentioned above, osteoporosis is often a result of a drop in estrogen in post-menopausal women and women who have undergone a hysterectomy.

Who might receive a prescription for Estradot 75 ug patches from their doctor?

Your doctor has likely prescribed Estradot 75 ug to either treat the symptoms of menopause or to prevent osteoporosis. Men and children should never take or use Estradot 75 ug patches. Talk to your doctor before using Estradot 75 ug patches if you have ever had any liver trouble, including jaundice. You should never use Estradot 75 ug patches if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, or are breast feeding. There is enough medication in Estradot 75 ug patches to seriously harm children. Do not use Estradot 75 ug patches if you are allergic to them or any of their ingredients. If you have any questions speak to your doctor.

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