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Estring Vaginal Ring 2mg
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2 mg
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1 vaginal ring(s)
Estring Vaginal Ring 2mg 1pack (Rx-B-Dry-CAD)
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Who can order Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg online?

You can order Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg online from YouDrugstore if you have a prescription from your doctor. YouDrugstore is an online pharmacy based out of Canada. That means you can buy Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg for the same price that Canadians pay. Purchase Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg from YouDrugstore today and have it delivered right to your home. Enjoy our cheap shipping cost, just $15 for any order under $100. If your order is over $100 shipping is free. All you have to do is register on our website and send us your prescription. Ask your doctor to fax us your prescription directly for added convenience. Once our team of professional pharmacy technicians and physicians has received all the necessary information they will officially review your order. Get Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg today from YouDrugstore and find long term relief from vaginal atrophy.

What is vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy is the painful urination, painful intercourse, and vaginal itching, dryness, and burning sensations that you may be experiencing as a result of menopause or undergoing a hysterectomy. It is technically a symptom of the sudden decrease in estrogen that occurs when the ovaries stop producing estrogen during menopause, or when the uterus and ovaries are removed during a hysterectomy. The drop in estrogen causes the vaginal walls to become fragile, dry, and much thinner, making them susceptible to tears, bleeding, and swelling. This is what accounts for a great deal of discomfort that can occur during menopause or post-menopause. Speak to your doctor if you believe you may be experiencing the signs or symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

How do you use the Estring Vaginal Ring?

The Estring Vaginal Ring is inserted into the vagina where it will remain for up to 90 days, providing you with a consistent, safe, and continuous dose of estrogen. If you are not sure how to insert the Estring Vaginal Ring, and if you are comfortable enough, your doctor will likely be able to insert the Estring Vaginal Ring for you. After three months is up your doctor will reassess your need for treatment of vaginal atrophy. If you still require treatment, another ring may be used for another 90 day period. If the Estring Vaginal Ring happens to come out by accident before the 90 day period is up, simply rinse the ring with warm water and re-insert it. The Estring Vaginal Ring should be inserted deep into the upper third of the vaginal vault. Using the Estring Vaginal Ring past 90 days should not result in an overdose, but it will begin to provide a significantly weaker dose. Speak to your doctor if you have any questions.

Why is Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg prescribed to treat vaginal atrophy?

Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg is prescribed by your doctor to treat vaginal atrophy because, as mentioned above, it releases a slow, persistent, and safe dose of medication known as Estradiol continuously for up to three months. You do not have to worry about taking a pill every day to treat your symptoms. Estradiol is important because it is essentially the exact estrogen that your body is lacking, serving to supplement your body and treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy while your body adjusts to the change of menopause or a hysterectomy.

When might someone receive a prescription for Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg from their doctor?

Doctors typically prescribe Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy, as mentioned above, usually happens due to the lack of estrogen that occurs during menopause, post-menopause, or after a hysterectomy. If you are a woman who has begun menopause, or has recently had a hysterectomy, and you are noticing pain while having sexual intercourse or vaginal dryness, itchiness, or unusual bleeding speak to your doctor about the Estring Vaginal Ring. If you have a prescription you can order Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg from YouDrugstore today.

Where can I learn more about Estring Vaginal Ring 2 mg?

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