Health And Wellness

Health And Wellness

Five Real Tips for Real Weight Loss

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Maintaining a healthy weight is something that nearly all people are concerned about from time to time. If you are not one of them, you should be. Being overweight dramatically increases your risk for a long list of health-related complications. It can also affect your emotional health. When weight becomes a concern, people suddenly find themselves perusing the internet and magazines, frantically searching for diets and tips that will help them control their weight. However, the real basics of how to lose weight are often lost or forgotten. With that said, here are five real tips to keep in mind at all times when you are trying to lose weight. 1. It really is calories in versus calories out. If you have not heard this before, it means that you must use more energy than you consume in order to lose weight. If you eat 500 calories worth of cookies at night, and you only burn about 300 more calories before bed, your body stores the remaining 200 calories. These 200 calories get stored a ...

The Healing Power of Salt

Salt Crystals image courtesy of Flickr/JKeith
Scientific advances have developed a huge range of innovative drugs and medical treatments. That said, there are some treatments that date back to antiquity that can still be effective. Salt is one such common substance that offers medical benefits. In Victorian England, there were medical treatments available, but one common prescription for those of ill health was to visit the seaside. City dwellers who were weak and ill would take time out to leave the city for the coast because the thought was the salt air would do them good. Instead of breathing in the polluted air of industrial England, the patients would breathe in the fresh air of the less populated coastal regions. Besides being less polluted, the seaside air offered another potential health benefit: salt. Salt seems like such a common, simple substance compared to the complex drugs developed today. While it cannot cure every medical problem, salt can benefit patients in various ways. Salt helps disinfect wounds, helping to ...

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