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Allergies: What Are They?

Allergy image courtesy of Flickr/baronsquirrel
Winter is finally on its way out, and the sun is beginning to cast a blanket of warmth and beauty. The temperature is not the only thing heating up during this time of year, however. The spring allergy season is right around the corner, and many people are already feeling its effects. About 20% of all people in the developed world suffer from allergies, and this number is believed to be growing significantly. Despite how many people have allergies, however, few may really understand what they are. The following is an informative guide to the most common types of allergies and what allergies are. What are allergies and allergens? An allergy is a reaction from your immune system to particles that are usually harmless. In other words, your immune system mistakes harmless particles, such as pollen, as harmful invading germs and activates to protect you. This is what causes redness, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, swelling, vomiting, itchiness, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. An al ...

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