Bromocriptine for Weight loss

Why People Work Tirelessly to Lose Weight

Nowadays, men and women are struggling to lose weight because of many reasons such as:

  • To avoid health problems – when a person is overweight, one is at risk of developing potentially fatal diseases, for example, some cancers, type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and gallstones. Hence to avoid, delay or reverse these conditions motivate many people to engage in weight loss strategies.
  • To restore fertility – the desire to conceive is a major contributor to losing weight. Being overweight or obese can cause infertility. If one conceives, the pregnancy may be problematic, leading to complications like the baby having a neural tube defect, being born overweight. Also, the mother-to-be may develop gestational diabetes, which puts her at risk of experiencing full blown diabetes in future.
  • To live long – no one wants to die young, the desire to live long and see your children grow up, get married or marry and have their own kids as well; this motivates people to shed the extra kilos and avoid illnesses which may shorten their life. Additionally, being able to play with your kids without getting tired is a critical factor and being able to take care of your aging parents. Research has shown that healthier people have a better social life and vice versa.
  • To deal with low self-esteem – overweight people may fell shameful and embarrassed because of their body looks. Being overweight or obese can lead to low self-esteem, low confidence as well as depression. This may interfere with one's career, building and maintaining healthy relationships, and feeling optimistic about life. Weight loss is beneficial since it can reverse all this- be more confident, feel in control of your life.

Whatever your reason(s) is (are) for weight loss, don’t do it alone, talk to the doctor, family and close friends for motivation and support; you may also consider joining a support group as well. If one has severe health problems due to excess weight, the medical care provider may suggest Bromocriptine for weight loss. Discuss with the physician the potential benefits as well as the risks involved.

Bromocriptine and Weight Loss

Bromocriptine is a prescription drug available in the form of a tablet and a capsule. It belongs to a family of drugs known as a dopamine agonist. The medication is prescribed for a number of reasons, as it works to treat the condition prescribed, an obese or a patient struggling with weight loss may shed off some excess kilos. The following are some ailments the medication is prescribed to treat:

  1. To reduce prolactin - It’s a hormone responsible for milk production in breastfeeding mothers; however, a woman who isn’t breastfeeding or pregnant may have high levels of prolactin hormone, which may lead to infertility and weight gain. It is produced by the pituitary gland located in the brain. Elevated levels of prolactin in a female who isn’t breastfeeding or pregnant reduces body metabolism. What is metabolism? It’s all the chemical processes which take place in one’s body to keep the organs working normally like, breathing, cells repair, and digestion of food. The chemical processes need energy. If metabolism is slowed down by prolactin hormone and a person consumes more calories than the body is using, one will definitely add weight. When the drug is taken, it stimulates the dopamine receptors, so prolactin production is reduced, the body metabolism is regularized and can lead to weight loss if one consumes fewer calories; calories will be used during the body’s metabolism.
  2. To treat type II diabetes – people with this condition has elevated blood sugar levels and their cells are resistant to insulin hormone. Most patients with diabetes type II are obese and insulin resistance; obesity may be triggered by insulin resistance- the more insulin accumulates in the bloodstream the harder it is to burn body fat. It’s worthwhile to note that being insulin resistance may make it hard to lose weight. So, when the doctor prescribes Bromocriptine for weight loss in a patient with diabetes, blood sugar will be normalized, since the cells will use insulin as expected and a patient will lose the excess kilos.

Most people who are obese crave to eat more often, it's believed that taking Bromocriptine suppresses appetite, thus one consumes fewer calories and the rate of metabolism is high, a person will attain the desired body weight.


The tablet or the capsule is taken with food. The tablet is available in 2.5 mg strength, whereas the capsule comes in a 5 mg capsule. The starting dose is 1.25 mg to 2.5 mg. The physician may adjust the dose until the desired effect is seen. It’s important to take the dose as prescribed. Because of the possible side effects linked to the medication such as stomach pain and nausea, it’s important to take the medicine with food or immediately after.

What Else Can be Helpful in Weight Loss While on the Medication

To successfully lose weight while on the medication, it’s recommended to develop a healthy diet and exercising regularly. A good diet ideal for weight loss should include healthy foods, but low in calories, such as:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Lean protein
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Healthy fats
  • Occasional snacks

A majority of the people desiring to lose weight tends to shift more attention to diet; however, engaging in physical activity daily is equally important. When a person is active, the body makes use of calories (energy) to move, aid in burning calories consumed.

Set time to take part in exercises daily, start with at least 30 minutes; to get to the targeted weight, one may need to be physically active for at least 60 minutes or take part in more intensive activities. For motivation and encouragement, join a group which met regularly to exercise.

Another good strategy for weight loss is drinking plenty of water. According to experts, you may not necessarily require eight glasses of water. Instead, drink adequate water to produce urine which is pale in color; this is a sure sign that the body is well-hydrated.

In Conclusion

Taking Bromocriptine for weight loss, eating healthy meals and exercising frequently is a sure way to attain the normal BMI. Remember, once you are satisfied with your weight, continue with the healthy lifestyle to maintain the body weight you have worked for tirelessly.