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Gonal-F And Its Side Effects

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There are many options of fertility medications available. If the doctor diagnosed you with infertility, you were put on Clomid, but the drug didn’t work for you. You decided to seek a second opinion from a fertility specialist to discuss other medicines that you can use. An example of a drug that the doctor may recommend is Gonal-F. Ask the fertility expert about the drug side effects and what to do in case they occur. Have a notebook and write down a list of negative effects of this medication that you may be faced with; this will give you the courage and confidence to use the drug, you know what to expect as far as the unfavorable effects are concerned and the actions to take. How does the drug work? First, it’s important to understand what Gonal-F is before knowing how it works. Gonal-F is an injection hormone. It contains Follitropin Alpha (as the active ingredient) which is the same as FSH (follicle stimulating hormone); Gonal F is a brand na ...

Using Letrozole To Treat Gyno

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You have noticed that your breast has enlarged in size. You are worried since you are a man and in confusion which steps to take next. Out of desperation you have approached one of your friends and disclosed what you are going through. Your friend has advised seeing a doctor for a prescription of Letrozole for gyno. You have scheduled a visit to the doctor, but you are wondering what is Letrozole? First, you have to understand the meaning of this medicine and gyno. What is Letrozole? The drug falls under the category of aromatase inhibitors (AI’s). It is a hormonal therapy and it is available under the doctor’s prescription. Letrozole is the generic name whereas, Femara is the brand name. This medication is used to: Manage and prevent breast cancer (it is the main use of this medication) To treat gynecomastia To treat infertility problems  What is Gynecomastia? Gyno (gynecomastia) is a condition that affects males. Men’s bre ...

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