Best fertility clinics in the USA

With the high cost of fertility treatments, you want to have your treatments at the clinic which will give you the best chance of success. Although there are different ways to measure how successful a particular IVF clinic is, one way to measure success is by looking at the number of live births resulting from IVF cycles. If many other women had successful pregnancies after treatment at a particular clinic, chances are you will too. Our best fertility clinic by state rankings are based on the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2013 Assisted Reproductive Technology National Summary Report. We looked at the rate of successful births per hundred cycles, using non-frozen embryos in women under 35, to choose which clinic we think may just be the best fertility clinic in each state.

There are some caveats to this information, however. Some fertility clinics specialize in particular causes of infertility or particular groups of patients, such as LGBT, and some clinics are more willing to take on difficult cases, so their success rates could be lower than clinics that help patients who already have the best chance of success. That said, you should take our rankings of the best fertility clinic by state with a grain of salt. Always do your own research and speak to your doctor to see what is best for you and your particular medical situation, and of course, choose the fertility clinic you feel most comfortable trusting with your reproductive health.


Top Fertility Clinic by State



Center for Reproductive Medicine
Mobile, Alabama
Success rate: 53.6%

In addition to their fertility treatments, the Center for Reproductive Medicine includes a focus on men's reproductive health along with egg freezing and counseling. Founded in 1993, this fertility clinic boasts of helping 3,500 families and counting.


Peninsula Medical Center
Soldotna, Alaska
Success rate: 21.7%

Residents of Alaska have few treatment options when it comes to their infertility, but The Peninsula Medical Center is there to help. This small fertility clinic offers IVF and ICSI treatments along with cryopreservation.


Advanced Fertility Care
Scottsdale, Arizona
Success rate: 49.4%

Advanced Fertility Care offers a variety of services, including in-vitro fertilization, fertility preservation, and donor eggs and sperm coordination. The clinic also specializes in helping same-sex couples start a family, welcoming all types of potential parents to their facility.


Arkansas Fertility Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
Success rate: 29.5%

Residents of Arkansas facing infertility have few clinics to choose from, but Arkansas Fertility can help with IVF, surgical procedures, fertility preservation, egg donation, and even acupuncture. This clinic also offers general gynecology services along with help managing medical conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis.


HRC Fertility - Orange County
Newport Beach, California
Success rate: 65.4%

California is home to many fertility clinics, but HRC Fertility boasts the highest success rate in the state and in the country as a whole. In addition to IVF treatments, the clinic offers gender selection and fertility preservation. They also welcome single parents and same-sex couples to their fertility clinic.


Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine
Fort Collins, Colorado
Success rate: 62.5%

Led by reproductive specialist Dr. Bachus, the Rocky Mountain Center ranks with one of the highest success rates in the country. The fertility clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating couples facing infertility, including IVF treatments.


CT Fertility
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Success rate: 50.0%

In business for over 25 years, CT fertility tests and treats both men and women facing infertility. The clinic helps coordinate egg donation and surrogacy, and welcomes international visitors to their treatment center. They also specialize in helping gay men review their options to build the family they desire.


Reproductive Associates of Delaware
Newark, Delaware
Success rate: 37.9%

In addition to IVF treatments, Reproductive Associates of Delaware offers genetic counseling, surgery, and fertility preservation. The clinic also offers lifestyle and wellness reviews and advice to help potential parents increase their chances of conceiving.

District of Columbia

Columbia Fertility Associates
Washington, District of Columbia
Success rate: 29.6%

Columbia Fertility Associates help women in the area conceive with IVF services, but they also offer services such as egg freezing. Since dealing with fertility treatments can be stressful, the clinic offers psychological counseling to help their patients cope with infertility.


Reproductive Medicine Institute
Orlando, Florida
Success rate: 59.1%

Reproductive Medicine Institute offers a range of fertility treatments including IVF. The clinic also offers genetic diagnosis, gender selection, cryopreservation, egg donation and surrogacy, and treatments specifically for cancer patients.


The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Savannah, Georgia
Success rate: 59.7%

The Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine boasts that their patients will always see a Reproductive Endocrinology physician at every visit to the clinic. The self-contained fertility clinic offers diagnosis, IVF and other fertility treatments, cryopreservation and storage, and surgical procedures.


Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Success rate: 54.2%

Hawaii has its share of IVF clinics, but Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology of Hawaii topped the ratings. The clinic offers IVF and other fertility services, along with the usual gynecological services, helping their patients cope with conditions such as PCOS before and after fertility treatments.


Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
Boise, Idaho
Success rate: 45.6%

Idaho residents do not have many fertility clinics to choose from, but Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine is there to help. In addition to IVF and other fertility treatments, the clinic offers gender selection and egg freezing, along with allowing egg donations.



Community Reproductive Endocrinology
Indianapolis, Indiana
Success rate: 56.1%

Community Reproductive Endocrinology can boast of their impressive IVF success rates. Along with the usual fertility treatments, the clinic offers surgery, sperm and egg freezing, as well as help managing medical conditions such as endometriosis and fibriods.


University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
Success rate: 52.9%

Not only does University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics top the IVF rankings in its state, but it was also named a "best hospital" by the U.S. News and World Report. The hospital and its clinics have used IVF and other fertility treatments to help over 2,000 couples, depending on their expertise to select the embryos with the best chance of success.


Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City
Overland Park, Kansas
Success rate: 44.4%

Reproductive Resource Center tops the clinics in Kansas for success rate, offering IVF and other infertility services. The fertility clinic boasts of more than 4,400 live births to date.


Bluegrass Fertility Center
Lexington, Kentucky
Success rate: 40.7%

Bluegrass Fertility Center ranks high in their state for their IVF and fertility treatments. The clinic also offers egg and sperm freezing, genetic testing, and tubal reversal to help their patients conceive again when they thought they could not.


Arklatex Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Shreveport, Louisiana
Success rate: 45.6%

Arklatex Fertility is proud of their IVF success rates, along with their founder Dr. Vandermolen's recognition as a Top Doctor in Reproductive Endocrinology. The clinic carefully examines each patient's case to choose the treatment that is best for them.


Boston IHF, The Maine Center
Portland, Maine
Success rate: 30.0%

Maine residents do not have many fertility clinics to choose from, but Boston IHF boasts of being one of the most experienced IVF clinics. The clinic offers consultations, monitoring, counseling, and ultrasound to hopeful parents.


Shady Grove Fertility RSC Towson
Towson, Maryland
Success rate: 43.6%

Shady Grove Fertility tops Maryland's rankings with its IVF services. The clinic also offers egg freezing, fertility services for cancer patients, and psychological support during this stressful time.


Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center
Boston, Massachusetts
Success rate: 45.4%

The Fertility Center at Massachusetts General Hospital boasts of their innovative IVF and ART technologies. The clinic also specializes in treating women with uterine fibroids thanks to their team of medical specialists.


Wayne State University Physician Group
Southfield, Michigan
Success rate: 50.0%

The Infertility Clinic at Wayne State University boasts of its top rankings and advanced IVF techniques. Along with fertility treatments, the clinic offers infertility evaluations, counseling, and a sperm and egg donor program.


The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Success rate: 54.4%

The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health tops the ratings in Minnesota. In addition to IVF, this clinic offers cryopreservation and welcomes surrogates and single women.


Mississippi Fertility Institute
Jackson, Mississippi
Success rate: 46.7%

Mississippi Fertility Insitute offers IVF services and other fertility services. One of their specialties is helping women and men conceive even after they have had a tubal ligation or vasectomy.


The Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Center
St. Louis, Missouri
Success rate: 48.3%

As part of Washington University, the Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Center boasts of their years of experience and solid success rates. The clinic offers IVF and other fertility treatments, and is welcoming to the LGBT community and all potential parents.


Billings Clinic
Billings, Montana
Success rate: 46.3%

Montana may not have many IVF clinics to choose from, but the Billings Clinic Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Care department offers sate-of-the art facilities and treatment. In addition to IVF and other fertility treatments, the clinic offers genetic screening, surgery, egg freezing, and fertility preservation.


Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine
Omaha, Nebraska
Success rate: 40.7%

The Heartland Center boasts some of the top infertility specialists in the area and is associated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In addition to IVF and artificial insemination, the clinic offers andrology and tubal ligation reversal.


The Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine
Reno, Nevada
Success rate: 50.7%

Topping their state's rankings is The Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine. This clinic improves their techniques through clinical research and offers treatment for male and female infertility.

New Hampshire

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, Hampshire
Success rate: 36.0%

Patients in New Hampshire visit the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Fertility Center for their IVF treatments. This clinic offers everything from surgery and other treatments to genetic counseling and emotional support throughout the fertility journey.

New Jersey

Shore Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Lakewood, New Jersey
Success rate: 56.0%

The Shore Institute for Reproductive Medicine boasts top rankings in New Jersey. Along with IVF and other fertility treatments, the clinic offers genetic testing and treatment for conditions such as PCOS and uterine fibroids.

New Mexico

Center for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Success rate: 42.0%

Despite its high IVF success rate, the Center for Reproductive Medicine of New Mexico has recently closed, but its medical director Douglas J. Thompson, MD has since established the Fertility Center of New Mexico. Voted Albuquerque's top fertility doctor, this specialist practices IVF along with helping treat male infertility and performing cryopreservation.

New York

Gold Coast IVF
Woodbury, New York
Success rate: 57.1%

With plenty of competition in the state, Gold Coast IVF tops New York's ratings. This large clinic offers a wide range of IVF and fertility treatments, and the medical team is led by a world-recognized fertility specialist.

North Carolina

UNC Fertility
Raleigh, North Carolina
Success rate: 52.8%

UNC Fertility tops the North Carolina ratings with a wide range of fertility treatments, from IVF to egg freezing. This clinic's services include financial counseling to help you achieve your dream of parenthood and they welcome same-sex couples to the facility. Their ongoing clinical trials help keep their fertility treatments state-of-the-art.

North Dakota

Sanford Health Reproductive Medicine Institute
Fargo, North Dakota
Success rate: 26.4%

Couples facing infertility in North Dakota turn to Sanford Health's Fertility and Reproductive Medicine specialists. The clinic offers gynecological care along with IVF and other fertility treatments.


Kettering Reproductive Medicine
Kettering, Ohio
Success rate: 56.0%

Kettering Reproductive Medicine tops Ohio's ratings with its team of reproductive specialists. The clinic offers IVF and other ART treatments, helping women and men with their fertility issues.


Henry G. Bennett, Jr. Fertility Institute
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Success rate: 47.1%

The Henry G. Benett, Jr. Fertility Institute tops Oklahoma's ratings, along with turning patients into fans of the clinic. Covering IFV and other fertility treatments, this clinic is there to help would-be parents start their family.


Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Portland, Oregon
Success rate: 58.5%

Oregon Reproductive Medicine boasts the highest success rates and greatest number of patients helped in Oregon. The clinic caters to international and LGBT patients, and their services include IVF and other fertility treatments, fertility preservation, genetic testing, and surrogacy.


Reproductive Health Specialists
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Success rate: 47.0%

Pennsylvania residents have many fertility clinics to choose from, but Reproductive Health Specialists boasts the highest success rate. Along with IVF treatments and egg freezing, the clinic offers lifestyle and financial help to prospective parents hoping to start their family.

Rhode Island

Women and Infants' Center for Reproduction and Infertility
Providence, Rhode Island
Success rate: 34.9%

Hopeful parents in Rhode Island turn to the Women and Infant's Center, which is partnered with Brown University. The hospital helps infertile men and women using IVF and other fertility treatments, and nine months later, they even help deliver the new bundle of joy.

South Carolina

Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group
Greenville, South Carolina
Success rate: 54.3%

The Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group tops South Carolina's ratings and has proven popular with the parents they help. The clinic offers IVF and other fertility treatments, out-patient surgery, and an egg donor program.

South Dakota

Sanford Women's Health
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Success rate: 39.8%

The fertility and reproductive medicine specialists at Sanford Women's Health are proud of their fertility success rate, helping women conceive. Their specialists help with everything from diagnosis to IVF and fertility treatments.


Quillen Fertility and Women's Services
Johnson City, Tennessee
Success rate: 48.4%

Quillen Fertility and Women's Services are proud of their IVF success rate as they serve women in Tennessee. The fertility clinic offers diagnosis along with IVF and fertility treatments to help infertile women conceive.


Fertility Center of Dallas
Dallas, Texas
Success rate: 60.6%

With the many fertility clinics in Texas to choose from, Fertility Center of Dallas boasts the highest success rate. The clinic offers infertility diagnosis and treatment, IVF and other fertility treatments, genetic screening, minor surgery, and fertility preservation for both men and women.


Reproductive Care Center
Sandy, Utah
Success rate: 53.8%

Reproductive Care Center boasts of high success rates and happy patients. They offer IVF and fertility treatments for women and men, egg freezing, tubal reversal, and a money-back guarantee on IVF procedures.


Northeastern Reproductive Medicine
Colchester, Vermont
Success rate: 42.8%

Northeastern Reproductive Medicine welcomes both American and Canadian women and men to their clinic, including LGBT patients. Their services include fertility testing, IVF and other fertility clinics, a donor and surrogacy program, gender selection, and fertility preservation.


Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Reston, Virginia
Success rate: 43.2%

The Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine tops Virginia's ratings, welcoming complex cases and LGBT patients. Along with lab services and genetic screening, the clinic offers IVF and other fertility treatments, egg freezing, and surrogacy and donor programs.


Poma Fertility
Kirkland, Washington
Success rate: 48.6%

With all the fertility clinics Washington state residents have to choose from, Poma Fertility tops the success rates. The clinic specializes in IVF treatments along with a range of infertility care including treating endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and PCOS.

West Virginia

West Virginia University Fertility Center
Charleston, West Virginia
Success rate: 55.0%

The West Virginia University Center for Reproductive Medicine helps men and women of all ages with reproductive problems including gender identity disorders. In addition to a high IVF success rate, the clinic treats a variety of fertility and reproductive issues with its interdisciplinary team of health specialists.


Gundersen Fertility Center
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Success rate: 51.9%

The Fertility Center of the Gundersen Health System helps men and women with their infertility problems and boasts of low fees. Their services include IVF, surgery, and fertility preservation, along with helpful services like telemedicine.

Puerto Rico

Pedro J. Beauchamp, MD IVF Program
Bayamon, Purerto Rico
Success rate: 40.0%

The Puerto Rico Fertility Center boasts the highest IVF success rate on the island. The clinic helps men and women with infertility diagnosis, IVF and surgical procedures, embryo freezing, and a wide range of other fertility treatments.


Best Fertility Clinic in the U.S.A.


Out of the hundreds of IVF clinics American couples have to choose from, one clinic stands out with the highest success rate in the country: HRC Fertility of Orange County in Newport Beach, California. The clinic can be proud of its 65.4% success rate as it helps hundreds of patients a year reach their goal of starting a family.

Coming in second place is The Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine in Fort Collins, Colorado, at an IVF success rate of 62.5%. The only other IVF clinics to beat a 60% success rate are The Fertility Center of Dallas in Dallas, Texas at 60.6% success, and The Southwest Center for Reproductive Health in El Paso, Texas, at 60.0%.


How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic For You


Although these fertility clinic ratings can help you choose the reproductive specialists with the highest IVF success rates, it is best to choose the clinic that is right for you and your particular infertility challenges. Do your research before beginning your fertility journey and find the best IVF clinic for you. After all, to any parent who has had a child through IVF, their clinic will always be the best clinic in the country.

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