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Copaxone (Active Ingredient, Conditions Treated, Generic Alternatives, Side Effects)

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What is Copaxone? Copaxone® is the trade name of a prescription drug containing glatiramer as the active component. Glatiramer is a drug used in the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis(MS), it is classified as an immunomodulating agent meaning it aids in modifying the manner in which the immune system works in multiple sclerosis patients. Copaxone® is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals, Copaxone® is available as a pre-filled syringe solution for injection and is available in pack size of 12 x 1ml Pre-filled syringes. Active Ingredient Glatiramer is the active component of a the drug called Copaxone®, it is used in the treatment of MS, it’s actual mechanism by which it works is unknown however it is believed to work by modifying the body’s immune system which is known to be the cause (pathogenesis) of MS. MS inflammation in the spinal cord and brain is thought to be caused by defects in the body’s immune system. Gl ...

What is a beta blocker? - Fullbacks of Modern Therapy

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What is a beta blocker? No, they’re not called beta blockers because they’re being tested. That’s in the computer world. Instead, these are medications, so-called because they actually block things called beta receptors in the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys (and other flavors of them can affect the lungs and intestines, too). Besides blocking the beta-1 receptors being discussed here, there are two other types of beta receptors, beta-2 and beta-3—in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, smooth muscles, and even in fat; but for our purposes we’ll be talking about blocking the effect of the beta-1 receptors. How do beta blockers work? The beta-1 blockers not only “block”—that is, compete—with the things that turn the receptors on, but occupy them to render them inactive. Since these receptors, when otherwise properly filled, raise blood pressure by constricting arterial walls and stimulate the heart, blocking them is an excelle ...

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