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Eliquis vs Xarelto Warfarin Pradaxa Coumadin and Aspirin - Which Is Better?

eliquis vs xarelto, which one is better
Eliquis vs Xarelto, Pradaxa, Coumadin, and Aspirin “Blood thinner” is a misleading term. What is implied is that it dilutes the thickness of the blood, such that very thick accumulations (clots) won’t happen. In reality, blood thinners alter the body’s clotting mechanism at the cellular level. To make a clot, there is a cascade of changes—a falling of dominoes. What blood thinners do is interfere with that cascade—pick up one domino so that the sequential falls are stopped at that blank spot.   It’s not like self-sealing antifreeze Clotting is the body’s way of self-sealing. Because it is also involved in repair of damaged tissue, initiating of healing, and an integral part of the entire inflammatory process, it is not like Silly Putty or self-sealing antifreeze. Clotting is tricky: too much and blood won’t flow (as in a blood clot in a vein); too little and blood flows too much, flooding tissues destructively (as ...

How To Treat The Most Common Sleep Disorders?

how to treat sleep disorders
How are sleep disorders treated?   A sleep disorder is called a parasomnia. Treatment of parasomnias, of course, depends on the specific disorder, which ends up being an itemized bullet list of “If A, then B” (see below). Sleep disorders discussed below include: Narcolepsy Sleep-related breathing disorders Sleep apnea Pulmonary ds Hypoventilation disorders REM-related sleep disorders REM disorder NREM disorder Circadian disorders Insomnia   The need for sleep and the need to fix sleep disorders Itemized bulleted lists can fan out the differences among them, but what unifies all of the sleep disorders is the end-result on the person who suffers with inadequate sleep. Lack of alertness is dangerous. Daytime fatigue makes more likely poor judgement (deficits in information processing), delayed reaction time when microseconds count, and reduced vigilance which can result in an overcorrection when suddenly startled awake by a ...

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