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The Big Fat Problem With BMI – Flaws Exposed

Although people are becoming increasingly more concerned about their health these days, some of the tools we rely on to keep our health in check may not be as reliable as we once thought. The Body Mass Index, or BMI, is one such tool. The BMI is a measurement used to gauge whether someone is underweight, overweight, normal weight, or obese by comparing their weight to their height. Many people, including many health care professionals, believe that calculating your BMI provides a more accurate idea about how healthy or unhealthy you are. Unfortunately, the Body Mass Index may not be that accurate after all. Keep reading to learn more about why the Body Mass Index may not be the best tool to gauge your health. History of the Body Mass Index The BMI was developed by French mathematician Adolphe Quetelet throughout the early-to-mid 1800s. It was originally known as the Quetelet index. It was not until well over a hundred years later, in 1972, that the term "body mass index" was coine ...

The Dark Side of Exercise – When NOT to Exercise

Exercise image courtesy of flickr/laurentjeanphilippe
There is no question that getting enough physical exercise is crucial for improving and maintaining your health. Do you want to feel better? Do you want to sleep better? Do you want to look better? Ask these questions to almost anyone, including doctors and other health care professionals, and their response will likely include getting enough exercise. There is one question, however, that we do not often ask: is there ever a time when exercising is a bad idea? You may be surprised to learn that yes, exercising is sometimes a horrible idea. Read the following information below to find out more about when you should or should not exercise. When You Are Sick Some people are adamant that exercising through coughs and colds is perfectly fine and that it can even help you get over what ails you. Many doctors agree for the most part, but there are some cold and flu factors that will dissuade almost any health care professional from encouraging you to exercise. Fever is one of those facto ...

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