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Back Pain in Pregnancy (Meds for Pregnant Women)

Back Pain in Pregnancy
There is back pain, and then there is pregnancy back pain. Back pain due to pregnancy is the result of an ever-changing center of gravity as the baby grows, as well as the extra weight that one suddenly accrues. What makes pregnancy so special when it comes to back pain? Back pain during pregnancy can be due to the changes brought about by pregnancy, be a result independent of pregnancy, or be non-pregnancy back pain piled atop pregnancy-related back pain. The changes brought about by pregnancy is inherently self-limiting, usually resolving as delivery occurs. The non-pregnancy related back pain is likely to have worsened with pregnancy, as there is more destruction of the intervertebral discs, further loosening of ligaments due to hormones, and more strain on muscles as the pregnancy changes. Force across some joints can double, but when a woman requires treatment for back pain, regardless of the cause, the presence of a fetus inherently limits the choices. Back p ...

Drug Caveats with Liver and Kidney Disease

Drug caveats with liver and kidney disease
Contraindications and Cautions with Liver and Kidney Disease (Drugs Are Detoxified) Drug-drug interactions can occur by adding a drug that interferes with either the normal detoxification actions of the liver or with clearance via the kidney. However, the liver and kidneys should also figure into concerns for single drugs when either of them is compromised. Drug-drug interactions occur in healthy patients because of clashes between different drugs, and single drug toxicity occurs in patients who are not healthy because of liver and/or kidney disease. Drugs are cleared from the body by the enzymes of the liver changing them into substances that can be excreted by the kidneys via urine. The kidneys, besides partnering with the liver in this mission, can also primarily clear certain drugs on their own. The liver, to a lesser extent that the kidneys, can even clear some drugs on its own through excretion into bile that essentially transports these drugs into fecal matter ...

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