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The Only Guide to Antidepressants You’ll Ever Need…This Month

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  This article is all you will need to navigate through the winding and confusing path of antidepressants, but only for now. Medical research and Pharmaceutical pioneers will make sure there is something new to add to the subject from time to time, and those time intervals are getting shorter, always.   In the beginning… Of course, back in the “olden days,” mid-last century, there was nothing for depression except walking it off. But this advice never really worked well, especially when it came to the suicide rate among depressed people. We have come to learn that not treating depression, because of the risk of suicide, is much more dangerous than the side effects patients new to antidepressants get into a panic over. This is selective panic over the wrong thing. The real fear is that the depression could get worse without treatment. The psychiatrists and psychologists of the time did their best, but there was no way any insight, self-epiphany, ...

Anxiety: Can You Really Blow a Gasket?

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Can Anxiety Cause High Blood Pressure? I have to confess, I didn’t even know what a gasket was until I Googled it. I was learning different things while the rest of the world was learning about the things that make our lifestyles possible. Still, a failed mechanical seal between parts is an accurate, if horrifying, metaphor for having a stroke, which is one of the worst-case end-point scenarios of hypertension (high blood pressure), the other being a heart attack. The Mechanics Of Blood Pressure Control Or The Lack Thereof Your blood circulates with enough force to deliver oxygen to everywhere in your body. The walls of your arteries are somewhat elastic in that they can rebound by sudden rises in the loads passing through them, like what happens when your heart races, causing pressure from the inside of the blood vessels. Another mechanism, vasoconstriction, causes the walls to tighten up, which puts pressure on the blood within from the outside. The body, in its brilli ...

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