Ovidrel, a Fertility Drug: Success Rates

Every woman in this world dreams for motherhood. But some women unfortunately could not conceive due to some genetic, environmental and structural problems in their reproductive system. In the recent world the women who cannot naturally conceive are increasing in number due to the western culture and sedentary lifestyle. But fortunately there are many in vitro fertilization techniques available for them to experience the bay of mother-ship. Ovidrel is one of the most common drugs which aid the maturation of eggs that is crucial for in vitro fertilization. It also helps in maturation of eggs for the natural fertilization. For these techniques Ovidrel is administered orally or parenteral before 36 hours of sexual intercourse or extraction of eggs from the female. 


Many doctors prefer Ovidrel to other drugs for prescribing to their patients for the maturation of eggs due to its high success rate. It is a Recombinant Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone which helps in release of eggs and maintenance of pregnancy. Some say to discontinue it if a woman is pregnant or thinks to be pregnant as it may result in some congenital anomalies in the fetus. But few state that it helps in the implantation of the fetus and is safe. The opinion depends upon the doctor.


Many success stories are visualized by using Ovidrel along with low dose Clomid. Many a time successful viable pregnancy at the first round of Ovidrel is really difficult. But there are some success stories of women who are blessed to have a child in their first attempt. It is mostly common in young women of age below 30 years. But for women of age above 30 years it requires minimum 3 -4 rounds or more for the success of the drug. Most of the women who have succeeded their aim in the first attempt used Ovidrel after using Clomid conceived naturally through a sexual intercourse. Clopid has higher chances of success rate after their third or fourth attempt. Clomid is a safe and usable drug for aiding in maturation of eggs for conceiving naturally.

Ovidrel Trigger Shot Injection 250 mcg

The success rate of Ovidrel depends upon the age, environmental, social and other factors. They are more for the younger women when compared to older women. The success rate for younger women is 50%. But for the women aged over 40 years it is less than 20% per cycle. But subsequent 4- 6 rounds, they are mostly successful in many circumstances. Stress delays the success of Ovidrel. Sound mental health synergizes the ovidrel success rate.


Ovidrel is also used in in vitro fertilization for maturation of eggs. The success of the in vitro fertilization through Ovidrel usually depends upon the age of the patient, experience of the doctor conducting in vitro fertilization and many environmental and stress factors. There are perfect indications that Ovidrel develops many bunch of eggs out of which one can be selected for in vitro fertilization. Though many drugs are available for the maturation of eggs, Ovidrel is used for the in vitro fertilization technique by many physicians.


However the success of a drug majorly varies from person to person. So using it cautiously and having pleasant positive attitude towards the drug is what a woman can do for converting their dreams true.