Personal Protective Equipment

PPE, or Protective Personal Equipment, are protective gears that create a barrier between the body and any possible source of infection, contamination, and other safety hazards.

The usage of PPE has long been practiced in the workplace to protect workers with occupations that involve some type of physical risk.

With the emergence of Covid-19, Personal Protective Equipment has become a necessary everyday tool in order to prevent the spread of the infectious Corona virus which can lead to extreme health complications.

It is highly important that we have PPE in our workplace and in our household to protect everyone’s safety.

What is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment is an apparel worn over a person’s clothing or certain body parts to protect it against contamination, infection, injury, or exposure to harmful microbes, pathogenic microorganisms, viral and bacterial contaminants, biological secretions, and impact hazards.

Different risk exposures require varying types of protection, therefore every scenario requires a distinct set of PPE. Covid-19 is transmitted through direct and indirect contact. The PPE this pandemic demands is one that encloses the body well and is impenetrable by any type of contaminants.

Types of PPE for Covid-19

The set of medical devices recommended by the WHO and other regulatory standards in the world is composed of face and eye protection, respiratory protection, and skin and body protection.

Face and Eye Protection

These medical devices are made up of a clear polycarbonate lens that shields the face and the eye from any liquid spatters, impact hazards, and viral and bacterial contaminants.

Face Shields cover the entire facial area without restricting visibility and respiration. It is made up of a clear, liquid-proof lens that repels moisture, spatters, and other liquids.

Medical Safety Goggles is a medical device that encloses the entire area surrounding the eye to protect it from contamination, infection, injury, and exposure to chemical hazards, viral microbes, liquid spatters, and impact hazards.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protective Equipment are medical devices that ensure that no pathogenic microorganisms, harmful gases, toxic emissions, infectious microbes can enter the lungs thru the nose and mouth. These protective gears cover the nose and mouth with a non-woven fabric that has multiple filtration layers.

KN95 Masks are four-layered respirators that effectively filter 95% of all airborne particulates that are less than 0.2 microns in size. These include dust, germs, bacteria, ash, and viruses.

N95 Masks are advanced tight-fitting respirators that filter 95% of all air particles with four layers of protection against harmful microbes, pathogenic microorganisms, and toxic traces in the air.

Surgical Masks are disposable masks with three filtration layers to prevent the wearer from expelling biological secretions, liquid spatters, and other harmful contaminants towards the environment.

Skin and Body Protection

These protective gears enclose the entire body from the head, arms, torso, legs, and hands against contact or exposure to liquid spatters, infectious microorganisms, and other biological hazards.

Medical Safety Overalls cover and protect the entire body from biological secretions, viral and bacterial contaminants, and chemical hazards from getting in contact with skin.

Medical Gloves enclose the hands and protect it against biological secretions, blood spatters, harmful microbes, among others.

An important note in ensuring the PPEs function at its optimum effectivity is to follow the proper steps in wearing and disposing it. Most of the PPEs, including respirators, protective gowns, and gloves are single-use only good for 8 hours. For items that can be reused, such as Goggles and Face Shields, always observe the follow the proper disinfection protocols.

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