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It is really a very exciting thing trying to get pregnant. However, while many of us think that it will take only a few days to conceive, it can actually consume a lot of time. This can really be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, it is possible to boost your chances of becoming pregnant by a number of ways from altering your diet to trying various sex positions. In this article, we have mentioned information regarding what are the best sex positions to conceive a baby.


1. Missionary

The missionary sex position

Being one of the best sex positions to conceive baby, this style of sex has its own benefits. In this particular position, the man is usually on top while the female lies on her back. The pelvis of the woman isn’t tilted to face downwards and this helps the sperm to travel close to the cervix which assists in conception and also the male partner has a greater scope for achieving deeper penetration. Besides this, it also aids the lovers to feel close to each other and even makes the female feel much more connected to her partner. In order to add a bit of naughtiness for the additional pleasure, the guys can also try to talk dirty or simply look into the eyes of their partners whilst having sex.


2. Glowing triangle

The glowing triangle sex position

This particular pose is actually an offshoot of the previously mentioned missionary position. In this case, the woman actually lies below with the man on the top and the only difference is that the guy is on all fours while his legs are extended out. The pelvis of the female is actually raised which can be done by using a pillow and it is wrapped around her partner. This growing triangle position helps to tilt the pelvis of the female upwards and also enhances the penetration’s depth. The positive aspect of this particular position is that there is no need for the guy to move and all the work can be performed by the female.


3. Doggy style

The doggy style sex position

It is very popular among the men all over the world and is also great for conceiving. This style helps to enhance the amount of penetration apart from providing tremendous fun and also assists in opening up the cervix a bit more as compared to the other positions.


4. Spooning

The spooning sex position

It is yet another popular sex position that helps in conceiving a baby. In this particular pose, the man is behind his partner while they lie down and it also makes sure that the sperm is able to get to the cervix since the pelvis of the woman is actually tilted at the proper position. You may also try out different variants of this particular pose where the legs of the female are actually spread open and rested on the outer surface of her partner’s thighs. Apart from adding a lot of spice, this particular position will also assist you to hold your partner really close.


Sometimes you might like the idea of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl. It will definitely depend on your personal preference. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention certain sex positions that will help you to conceive the gender of your choice.


Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Boy


Sex position to conceive a boy


Due to the fact that the Y-chromosome sperm would like to get to the egg for this matter, it is ideal to have certain positions that will allow deeper penetration; permitting the male orgasm as close as possible to the cervix’s neck. In this way, the sperm will be able to cover the required distance which will enable it to get to its destination in proper time before expiring and dying off. Apart from minimizing the amount of time, this will also shorten the journey for the sperm to reach the egg.


The position that facilitates this with the woman enjoying the dominant role is commonly known as Reverse Cowgirl. In this particular position, the female will be able to control how deeply her partner actually penetrates her. She should allow her lover to be as deep inside her as feasible at the time of orgasm.


There are also certain other positions such as the above-mentioned doggy style for achieving the same purpose as well. The most important thing to conceive a baby boy is that the penetration must be really deep at the time of orgasm.


Sex Positions to Conceive Baby Girl


Sex position to conceive a girl


It is essential to make it really tough for the Y-chromosome sperm to reach their destination on time. It implies that shallow penetrations are essential for achieving this purpose where the male must orgasm as far away from the cervix’s neck as possible. This will make the sperm to be deposited further away from the cervix which will provide the X-chromosome to reach the egg and thus denying the Y-chromosome from doing so.


The particular positions which are appropriate for shallow penetration consist of spooning as well as missionary where the partners usually wrap their legs around one another while sitting. This will not permit the partners to have deep penetration and thus increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby girl.

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