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Why should I order Levitra 10mg from YouDrugstore?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, your doctor may have written you a prescription for Levitra 10mg. You can purchase Levitra 10mg from YouDrugstore if you register on our website and send us the prescription. Once we verify your order, we can ship the Levitra 10mg to you. Our Canadian online pharmacy is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, which means that we are a certified pharmacy that provides the quality of medicine our customers expect from a Canadian pharmacy. Purchase prescription Levitra 10mg online from YouDrugstore to receive your medication by mail at an affordable shipping cost.

What is Levitra 10mg?

Doctors usually prescribe Levitra 10mg, which has the generic name vardenafil, to help men like you who have erectile dysfunction. Levitra 10mg works by widening the blood vessels within the penis, which enables blood to flow freely into the penis. Although Levitra 10mg can help men achieve an erection, it cannot work without sexual stimulation. Levitra 10mg also cannot help people who are physically unable to get an erection. If there is sexual stimulation as well as all the other necessary conditions for your penis to become erect, Levitra 10mg can help men like you get an erection.

What do I need to know before I buy Levitra 10mg from an online pharmacy?

Levitra 10mg is only effective if your body is able to potentially have an erection, for example if you have had recent heart surgery you should not take this medication. Before taking Levitra 10mg, tell your doctor about any other medication you are taking because combining this drug with nitrates carries a high risk. Before you start using Levitra 10mg, you should tell your doctor if you have a history of heart attacks, low or high blood pressure, stomach ulcer or any other blood or bleeding disease, liver or kidney problems, retinitis pigmentosa, deformation of the penis, hearing problems, or a history of seizures or strokes.

How do I use Levitra 10mg?

You should usually take Levitra 10mg about sixty minutes before sexual intercourse, but always follow your doctor's directions. Your doctor can adjust your Levitra dosage depending on your body's response to the drug, but you should not exceed 20 milligrams per day. If you are on stable alpha blocker therapy, you should limit Levitra to 5 milligrams daily, and elderly patients should take only half of this dosage. Levitra 10mg comes in the form of a tablet and you take it orally.

What are the potential side effects of using Levitra 10mg?

Levitra 10mg side effects are usually mild and could include dizziness, runny nose, indigestion, stomach problems, headache, flushing, and back pain. If you have medical issues such as a previous heart attack, take extra caution while using Levitra 10mg and report any problems to your doctor such as chest, jaw, or left arm pain, severe dizziness, seizures, or fainting. Rarely, using Levitra 10mg can cause loss of vision and even blindness. If you experience any unusual side effects, be sure to speak to your doctor or other health care provider.

What is erectile dysfunction?

When you are unable to achieve or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse, this is called erectile dysfunction. This could be caused by tiredness, drinking too much alcohol, taking certain medications, or poor blood flow to the penis. When your erectile dysfunction is caused by low blood flow, your doctor may prescribe Levitra 10mg to help. Medications like Levitra 10mg allow blood to flow to the penis, so when you experience sexual arousal, your body is able to respond. When you take Levitra 10mg before you expect to have sexual intercourse, your body should be able to respond to your and your partner's needs. If your doctor has prescribed medication for your erectile dysfunction, order Levitra 10mg from YouDrugstore to have the medication you need delivered to your mailbox.

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