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Xeloda 150mg
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What is Xeloda 150mg?

Xeloda tablets contain the generic ingredient capecitabine, which is a type of chemotherapy medicine for cancer known as a cytotoxic antimetabolite.

Why do doctors prescribe Xeloda 150mg?

Doctors prescribe Xeloda to treat patients who have stage III colon cancer following complete surgical removal of the cancer. Xeloda is used to treat advanced or metastatic breast cancer, which means the cancer has spread outside the breast. Doctors also prescribe this medication to treat colorectal cancer that has spread outside of the colon or rectum.

How Xeloda 150mg works

Xeloda works by interfering with the growth of cells that rapidly divide in the body, including cancer cells, which results in the death of these cells.

How and when to take Xeloda 150mg

The usual dose of Xeloda depends on your size and your doctor will calculate the appropriate dose for you. Xeloda is taken orally twice per day. Swallow the tablets whole with water within 30 minutes after breakfast and dinner. Xeloda is taken in 21-day cycles. This means you take Xeloda for 14 days and then stop taking it for seven days. It is important to have this rest period. Your doctor will decide how many cycles of treatment you will need.

Xeloda 150mg side effects

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • painful sores, redness or swelling in the mouth or throat
  • pain, redness, swelling, ulcers or blisters on the hands and feet
  • infection
  • heart problems

These may not be all the side effects of Xeloda 150mg.

Contraindications of Xeloda 150mg

Do not take this medication if you are allergic to capecitabine or any of the non-medicinal ingredients. You should not take Xeloda if you have severe kidney disease or your body does not have the enzyme DPD (dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase).

Precautions when taking Xeloda 150mg

Before taking Xeloda, tell your doctor if you are taking warfarin or phenytoin. Let your doctor know if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

How to store Xeloda 150mg

Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature (15°C to 30°C or 59°F to 86°F) in the original labelled container or package.

What is colorectal cancer?

The colon and rectum are part of the large intestine. The colon absorbs water and nutrients and passes waste to the rectum. Almost all cancers of the large intestine and rectum (colorectal) are adenocarcinomas, which develop from the lining of the large intestine (colon) and rectum. As the cancer grows, it spreads to the wall of the intestine or rectum. Nearby lymph nodes also may be invaded. Since blood from the wall of the intestine and much of the rectum is carried to the liver, colorectal cancer usually spreads (metastasizes) to the liver soon after spreading to nearby lymph nodes. The possible risk factors for colorectal cancer are diets that are high in animal protein, high in saturated fats, low in dietary fibre, high in calories and high in alcohol consumption. Women who have had breast, ovary and uterus cancers are at higher risk for developing colorectal cancer. Also, the risk increases with age. Symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, blood in the feces, pains in the abdomen, bloating or unexplained iron deficiency in men or in women after the menopause.

Where can I buy Xeloda 150mg?

If you have received a prescription for Xeloda 150mg, you can buy it from YouDrugstore. We are an online pharmacy based out of Canada. That means you can purchase Xeloda 150mg at the same price most Canadians pay. All we require is for you to register a free account on and then send us your prescription. After we have received all of the necessary information, our team of qualified pharmacy technicians and physicians will review your order. You can ask your doctor to fax us your prescription directly from his or her office to make the process even simpler. When you buy from YouDrugstore, we will ship your order directly to your home for a low cost in shipping. We even offer free shipping on all orders over $100. Purchase Xeloda 150mg today from YouDrugstore and begin your cancer treatment as soon as possible.

More information about Xeloda 150mg and colorectal cancer

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