A pregnant woman holding her belly

Are you aware that for you to get pregnant; there are a few things needed? Well, the following must be present:  

  • Healthy egg from a woman
  • Quality sperm from the man
  • A warm and a healthy environment- to support the egg for fertilization and implantation
  Most people have the basic knowledge of how the reproductive works; however many misconceptions go around reproductive health, for example, you can’t get pregnant from precum.  

What is Precum?

  • Precum is the bodily fluid that usually seeps from the penis during intercourse
  • Cowper’s glands produce the fluid
  • It travels from the urethra then to the penis
  • It is also known as pre-ejaculate, pre-ejaculatory fluid, pre-seminal fluid or Cowper’s fluid
  You now understand what pre-ejaculate is; let’s move to the misconception that you can’t get pregnant from precum. Truth be told, there are chances of getting pregnant from precum.  

What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum?

  You may be asking yourself “what are my chances of getting pregnant from precum” since you are sexually active. Chances of getting pregnant from precum are high. To begin with, during the production of pre-seminal fluid no sperm is present. As earlier mentioned, Cowper’s glands produce the precum and testicles produce sperm. However, the fluid picks sperm along the way. What exactly happens? As the fluid travel via the urethra, the pre-ejaculate can take sperms that are from a previous ejaculation. You have to know that many men don’t notice when the precum comes out. Additionally, they have no control over it. The purpose of the precum is to neutralize the environment of the urethra which is acidic. Precum is alkaline; therefore, making the environment conducive for the sperm to survive. The fluid makes the way clear for the sperm and acts as a lubricant during sex.   For pregnancy to occur, a healthy egg from a woman must be available. Sperm can survive in the body of a woman for seven days. So, if the opening of your vagina comes into contact with pre-seminal fluid from your partner, the precum, containing the sperm will have ample time to travel to the fallopian tubes and wait for ovulation to occur. Although the pre-ejaculate contains a few sperm when compared to the ejaculate itself, studies have proven that the sperm count is evidently high in the precum. Bear in mind that a man starts creating pre-seminal fluid once he becomes erect. Most likely, the fluid was present from the beginning of sexual intercourse. Thus, there are chances of getting pregnant from precum during ovulation. An egg lives between 12 to 24 hours after ovulation; the duration is adequate to increase the chances of getting pregnant from precum while ovulating. Only one sperm is needed to cause a pregnancy.  

Is it possible to know when you are ovulating?

  It is possible. The following signs can enable you to predict when ovulating:
  1. Changes in cervical mucus. As you get close to ovulation, the body produces estrogen resulting to cervical mucus which is stretchy and clear. The egg like whites enables the sperm to reach to the egg released during ovulation.
  2. The heightened sense of smell. If you are sensitive to smells in your monthly cycle; chances are that you are ovulating.
  3. Breast tenderness or soreness. If you note your nipples and the breast are sensitive, you are at the peak of ovulation.
  4. Mild pelvic or lower abdominal pain. You may experience a slight ache or pain in the lower abdomen.
  5. Light spotting or discharge. Spotting a brown discharge is a typical sign of ovulation.
During sex, both partners use fingers for sexual arousal or foreplay. Take note that precum is produced when the man is aroused. At this point, if the man touches his penis and gets precum on his fingers and caress your vagina with precum on his fingers, the vagina gets into contact with the fluid, chances of getting pregnant from precum on fingers can’t be ruled out. Remember, the precum contains sperms. The sperm will travel and wait to fertilize an egg released during ovulation hence a pregnancy will occur.  

Getting pregnant while on birth control

  Birth control methods are used to prevent pregnancy and plan when to become pregnant. Numerous birth control methods are available for example;
  • Abstinence
  • Implants
  • Exclusive breastfeeding
  • Diaphragm
  • Condoms
  • Pills
  • Withdrawal (pull out method)
  • Spermicide
The above methods are not 100% successful. Relying on the pull out of method as a way of birth control is very controversial. The success rate ranges between 73 t0 96 %. On the other hand, the pill is 99%. As for the condom, its success rate is 100% if used well. The man is responsible for the pullout method; he pulls out his penis from the vagina canal just before ejaculation. It is a hard method to use as the success rate depends on the ability of the man to pull out after every sexual experience. When compared to other birth control methods, it is the least efficient. Therefore, chances of getting pregnant from precum while on birth control are possible, withdrawal method being on the lead. Why is it so?   Withdrawal method lies entirely with the male. The woman has no control over it. He has to be in a position to determine when he is ready to ejaculate and practice self-control at the point of passion and ensures he doesn’t ejaculate. If the precum contains sperm, you are likely to become pregnant; this is because the man may not notice the pre-ejaculate and have no control over it. Pregnancy may end taking place. The reliable way to avoid the presence of sperm in the precum is for the man to urinate after the previous ejaculation.  

In Conclusion

  Chances of becoming pregnant are high under the following conditions:  
  • If you are ovulating
  • If you are using withdrawal method as a way birth control
  • If your partner had previously ejaculated, and you are having intercourse the second time but he didn't urinate.
  • If the above conditions are present, chances of getting pregnant with precum are high. Wish you well as you take the necessary precautions to avoid getting pregnant from precum. Be in control of your sex life.