"As an online shopper, I saved $96 on my Estrogel by ordering from YouDrugstore, and they also shipped my order right to my front door in Houston for free" -Melissa H.
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YouDrugstore A Canadian Online Pharmacy

Providing Americans and people around the world with access to medication at the same prices most Canadians pay.

In business since 2012, we pride ourselves on the trust we build with each customer by providing significant savings on their medication from a licensed and certified pharmacy. We strive to be the best pharmacy, where customers can enjoy Canadian prices and quick, discreet delivery.

+ Medication you can trust.

Both our prescription medication (Rx) and over-the-counter medication (OTC) is sourced strictly from the licensed manufacturers that supply pharmacies in Canada. That means when you order medication online from us, you get the same, safe medicine that Canadians take. We carry a wide range of both brand and generic drugs online. We do not source any medication from questionable suppliers overseas, and because our medicine comes from up north, you can enjoy faster, more reliable shipping when you buy from us.

+ Shipping directly from Canada.

Because our medication is not sourced overseas, you can expect safe delivery sooner, and right to your door. Shipping is always free for any order over $100, and we always provide you with a tracking number so you can track your order online. We also provide express shipping options. Read our shipping policies for more information.

+ A reputable pharmacy.

The internet is plagued by countless websites claiming to be an international pharmacy that sells cheap prescription drugs, emails filled with ads for discounted medication, and blogs that outline how to get cheap prescriptions without a valid prescription. In most cases, these websites are fraudulent and sell unsafe, counterfeit products – if they do not scam you completely. In reality, YouDrugstore is one of the few legitimate Canadian pharmacies that offer genuine, safe medication.

Our top priority has always been the health and safety of our customers, which is why we maintain our certification from CIPA (the Canadian International Pharmacy Association). CIPA certified Canadian pharmacies are required to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure safety, privacy, and credibility for customers. We also maintain a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, a membership with the Manitoba International Pharmacists’ Association (MIPA), a full, 5-star rating on Pharmacy Checker, and of course, our pharmacy license, which is IPS License #33826. Our online drugstore offers peace of mind when you shop on our website.

+ Why drugs are cheaper in Canada than the USA.

Many people buy affordable medication online from pharmacies based in Canada because here, drugs and drug manufacturers are regulated differently than they are in the United States. Drug prices, in particular, are regulated in Canada, which means that the big manufacturers cannot sell medication at any price they want.

However, just because drugs are cheaper in Canada does not mean that there is a low standard for how drug companies handle or manufacture their pharmaceuticals. In fact, Canada has strict laws and policies about the safety and effectiveness of its medication that are very similar to the regulations in the United States. This is why many people prefer to purchase drugs from pharmacies in Canada, rather than overseas.

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At YouDrugstore, you get...

Canadian-Priced Medication

We offer prescription and over-the-counter medication at prices comparable to what they pay in Canada.

Privacy and Discretion

Get the medication and products you need delivered discreetly right to your door.

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We offer a flat shipping rate to anywhere in the U.S. and provide FREE shipping on any order over $100.

As an online shopper, I saved 73% on my prescription by ordering Canadian meds from YouDrugstore.com.

I received my order only 5 days after I placed my order.

- Joshua G.

YouDrugstore is one of the few reputable Canadian online pharmacies.

My mother can finally afford her medication thanks to this Canadian drug store.

- Arthur M.

Mail order prescriptions from YouDrugstore make it simple to manage my medication.

I just order what I need, when I need it, and it arrives a few days later.

- Tyler Y.