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You can order prescription Nexium or generic Esomeprazole online from Canada. Just send your Nexium prescription to YouDrugstore where our health care professionals will be happy to review and process your order. When you make a purchase from YouDrugstore you can pay what Canadians pay. After you order your prescription Nexium we will send it right to your mailbox for a low shipping cost. Buy Nexium from YouDrugstore and find relief from your heartburn and acid reflux symptoms.

Information About Nexium and/or Equivalents

Who typically receives a prescription for Nexium ?

If you are suffering from symptoms of acid reflux, such as difficulty swallowing, an uncomfortable burning feeling in your throat, chest pain or tightness unrelated to heart issues, a sour taste, and an unexplained persistent cough, your doctor may likely prescribe Nexium to you. Nexium is the generic version of Nexium. It helps to remedy stomach acid issues. Doctors may also prescribe Nexium to you if you have an infection of the bacterium in your stomach, or if you are suffering from a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug induced gastric ulcer. Nexium has also been prescribed for a variety of other disorders, such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

Why does Nexium help reduce stomach acid?

Esomeprazole is a generic alternative to Nexium. It is a proton pump inhibitor, also known as PPI. It essentially stops your stomach's acid pumps from producing more acid. Stomach acid is necessary in order to digest food, but an excess of it can cause a variety of problems. As your stomach fills with too much acid, it rises up through to your throat and can begin damaging the lining of your esophagus. With a proton pump inhibitor like Nexium, less acid is produced in your stomach. Therefore, stomach acid is much less likely rise up into your esophagus. Nexium can help you find relief from a variety of heartburn or acid reflux symptoms, and it can help heal the damage from erosive esophagitis (EE).

When should you take Nexium ?

Frequent and consistent heartburn or acid reflux symptoms should be discussed with your doctor. Your doctor may then prescribe Nexium to you. Nexium should be taken every day in order to remain symptom free, twenty-four hours a day. Nexium is not intended for immediate relief of symptoms. It is used to combat ongoing and recurrent acid reflux and heartburn. If you have been given a prescription for Nexium , buy it from YouDrugstore. If you purchase Nexium from YouDrugstore, your order will be delivered directly to your mailbox from our Canadian online pharmacy for a cheap shipping price. Send us your order for Nexium today and find ongoing relief from your heartburn or acid reflux symptoms.

What are the possible side effects of taking Nexium?

When your body is first getting used to Nexium, it is possible that you will experience constipation, dry mouth, gas, and sometimes back pain. Changes in taste, vision, and hearing, and irregular heart beat are also sometimes reported. More generally, typical side effects of taking Nexium can include drowsiness, upset stomach, diarrhea or constipation, gas, headaches, and dry mouth. Less common and more serious side effects can include chest pain or fast heart rate, bloody or black stool, shortness of breath, skin rash, unexplained fatigue or weakness, vomiting blood or tarry substances, excessive coughing, large hive-like swelling, and difficulty swallowing. If you experience these side effects consult your health care practitioner immediately. Some side effects of taking Nexium may not yet be reported, so if you have any concerns or are experiencing any unusual side effects, speak to your doctor.