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EpiPen 0.30mg (Adult)
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EpiPen 0.30mg (Adult) (Rx-B-Dry-CAD)
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How to order?

If you have a valid prescription, you can order EpiPen online from YouDrugstore. We are a licensed pharmacy based in Canada. That means you can buy your EpiPen online at the same price most Canadians pay. All you have to do is register a free account on our website, place your order, and send us your prescription. After we have received all of the necessary information from you, our staff of pharmacy technicians and licensed physicians will need to review your order. For added convenience, ask your doctor to fax us your prescription directly from his or her office. When you purchase EpiPen online from YouDrugstore, we will ship your order directly to your home for free. We always provide cheap and convenient shipping, but we provide free shipping on any order over $100. EpiPen is an emergency injection medication used to treat severe allergic reactions. Order EpiPen online from Canada today at and get the safety medication you need, sourced only from Canada.

Who might receive a prescription for EpiPen from their doctor?

Your doctor may prescribe EpiPen for you if you are severely allergic to particular foods, drugs, insect bites, or other allergens. A severe, life-threatening allergic reaction is also called anaphylaxis. If you are susceptible to anaphylaxis, EpiPen might be right for you. An allergic reaction is when your body triggers your immune system to fight off an allergen. This causes swelling, redness, hives, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, and other painful reactions. An allergen is a particle that your body is hypersensitive to. Allergens are generally harmless particles that your body mistakes as harmful invading particles. If your doctor prescribes EpiPen for you, it is important to tell them if you have heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, asthma, glaucoma, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use EpiPen if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients.

Why is EpiPen prescribed to treat severe allergic reactions?

EpiPen is a well known, brand medication that is trusted to treat severe allergic reactions. The active ingredient in EpiPen is epinephrine, which is also known as adrenaline. Epinephrine is a hormone that constricts blood vessels and also relaxes smooth muscle tissue. This helps reduce swelling, open up the airways in your lungs, and increase your blood pressure. EpiPen helps to immediately counteract your immune system during a severe allergic reaction. EpiPen comes in an auto-injector that can be used quickly in an emergency situation to treat anaphylaxis and prevent severe complications or death. If you suffer from anaphylaxis, or you are susceptible to severe allergic reactions, ask your doctor about EpiPen.

What are the side effects of taking EpiPen?

If you have to use your EpiPen to treat a severe allergic reaction, you may experience some side effects. These side effects include increased heart rate, faster and stronger heartbeat, nausea, headache, sweating, shaking, nervousness, dizziness, paleness, trouble breathing, and anxiety. If you do experience these side effects, they generally do not last long and usually go away quickly with rest. Talk to your doctor if these side effects persist or worsen. In most cases, EpiPen is well tolerated and does not cause any side effects other than its intended effects. If you have any concerns about using your EpiPen, talk with your doctor.

When should you use EpiPen?

EpiPen is intended to treat severe, life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) only. Less severe allergies are generally treated with antihistamine medication. Therefore, you should carry your EpiPen at all times if your doctor has told you that you are at risk for anaphylaxis. If you or a loved one begins to experience or shows signs of a life-threatening allergic reaction, inject EpiPen immediately and seek emergency medical attention. EpiPen should be injected into the leg. Do not inject EpiPen into the hands, feet, or buttocks. EpiPen can be injected through clothing, if necessary. If you have been prescribed an EpiPen auto-injector, it is important that you learn how to use it. If you have any questions about how or when to use your EpiPen, call your doctor.

Where can I learn more about EpiPen?

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