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Maxidex Eye Drop Suspension 0.1%
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Alcon Canada Inc.
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How do you order Maxidex Suspension online?

If you have a prescription for Maxidex Suspension you can order it online from YouDrugstore. We are an online pharmacy based in Canada, which means when you buy Maxidex Suspension from YouDrugstore you pay the same cost Canadians pay. Simply register a free account on and then send us your valid prescription. Why do we need your prescription? As a licensed pharmacy, we require your prescription so that our team of qualified health care professionals can review your order once we have received all of the necessary information. You can speed up this process by asking your doctor to fax us your prescription directly. When you purchase Maxidex Suspension online from YouDrugstore, enjoy our low shipping costs. Do not forget, we also provide free shipping on all orders over $100. Maxidex Suspension is a prescription eye drop medication used to treat eye injuries and inflammation. Buy Maxidex Suspension online from YouDrugstore today and find relief from your eye injury as soon as possible.

Who might receive a prescription for Maxidex Suspension from their doctor?

Your doctor may prescribe Maxidex Suspension (eye drops) for you if you have an eye injury, have recently undergone eye surgery, or if you have inflammation in your eyes. Do not use Maxidex Suspension if you have any kind of infection in your eyes, including bacterial infections, fungal infections, viral infections, and tuberculosis. Do not use Maxidex eye drops if you have an inflamed cornea, chickenpox, or smallpox. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking any anti-inflammatory medication, or have ocular hypertension or glaucoma before using Maxidex Suspension. Never use this medication if you are allergic to it or any of the ingredients listed on the bottle.

Why is Maxidex Suspension prescribed to treat eye injuries?

The active ingredient in Maxidex eye drops is a generic drug called dexamethasone, which is a type of steroid. Dexamethasone is trusted by doctors to be safe and effective when used properly, and it is also one of the most essential medications needed for a basic health care system, according to the World Health Organization. Maxidex Suspension works as an anti-inflammatory agent. These eye drops reduce and prevent swelling that occurs in your eye when it is damaged from injuries or surgery by sending signals to your body that will shut down your immune system's response in your eyes. This allows you to heal without the discomfort or pain that inflammation can cause. Buy Maxidex eye drop Suspension online from YouDrugstore today.

What are the side effects of using Maxidex Suspension?

The most common side effects you may experience when using Maxidex eye drop Suspension includes some discomfort or pain when the drops are first applied, blurry vision, crustiness, itchiness, redness, dryness, the feeling that something is in your eye, and staining of the eye. Most people do not experience any side effects when using Maxidex eye drop Suspension, however. Rare and more serious side effects that you should pay attention to when using these eye drops include a bad taste in your mouth, increased eye pressure, reduced vision, drooping eye lid, dizziness, headache, and an increase in pupil size. Talk to your doctor right away if you experience any of these more rare side effects, or any other severe side effect.

When should you use Maxidex Suspension?

Always use Maxidex Suspension eye drops exactly as your doctor has prescribed. Never use more or less than your doctor has directed you to use. Generally, your doctor will tell you to use Maxidex Suspension several times a day. Always shake the Maxidex Suspension bottle before each use. If you use too much Maxidex Suspension, simply rinse it out of the affected eye(s) with warm water. Do not reapply drops in this case, wait until it is time to take your next dose as usual. If you have any questions or concerns about using Maxidex Suspension eye drops, call your doctor.

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