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YouDrugstore offers a wide range of products, including generic medication and popular brand medication, to treat all sorts of disorders, diseases and illnesses. Many of our customers enjoy savings on popular products that are not covered by insurance, such as Viagra, Cialis, Muse, Propecia and Ovidrel. Many customers also enjoy savings on their ongoing prescriptions for medications like Lipitor, Synthroid, Nexium, Wellbutrin XL and Metformin. We carry a variety of medicines to treat a vast list of conditions, including: Erectile Dysfunction, Cancer, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Constipation, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression, Fertility, Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Migraine.

If you have a prescription for a medication that is not covered by your health insurance, or if you are looking to save money on your current prescription, YouDrugstore is your source for Canadian medication.

Frequently asked questions

One reason you can trust YouDrugstore to send you safe, high quality medication is that we only source our medication from Canadian sources. When you order from YouDrugstore, you get the same medication that Canadians take. We do not ship medication that was sourced overseas. Another reason you can trust us with your prescription is that, like American pharmacies, Canadian pharmacies, such as YouDrugstore, are highly regulated to ensure the safety and quality of their products. Canadian pharmacies have to acquire and maintain a government license in order to sell medication, and the requirements for these licenses are very similar to the requirements in America. YouDrugstore’s pharmacy is fully licensed, which means that we must obtain, handle and send only the safest, highest quality medication.

Not only that, but YouDrugstore also maintains a certification with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, or CIPA for short. CIPA is an association of safe, reputable Canadian pharmacies. To be certified by CIPA, YouDrugstore must maintain its license, sell only safe and quality medication, maintain a reputable track record and follow a number of other strict regulations to protect consumers like you.

At YouDrugstore, we also went the extra mile and earned a verification with PharmacyChecker, which requires that we dispense through a licensed pharmacy only, always require prescriptions for prescription medication, have a real address and phone number, and secure private and financial information of our customers.

When you order your prescriptions from YouDrugstore, you can expect a number of things. You can expect to be treated fairly and to receive the medication you need within five to ten business days, or within three to five business days if you select our express shipping option. You can also expect considerable prescription savings compared to what you would pay at your local pharmacy.

Here is how the entire process works:

  1. You register a free account on our website and place an order.
  2. We contact you to confirm your order and payment information.
  3. We verify your prescription, if you are ordering a prescription medication.
  4. We ship your order and send you tracking information so you can track your order.

Keep in mind that to order prescription medication from YouDrugstore, you must have a valid prescription for that medication.

You can use the search box in the top right of the website to find your medication. Once you find it, you can add it to your cart and then proceed to the checkout. Once you are on the checkout page, you can upload an image of your prescription(s). If you are having trouble finding a product you need, simply call our pharmacy team between the 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. CST (Monday – Friday) and 9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M. CST (Saturday), and one of our pharmacists will be happy to help you find what you need and place an order.

Once your order has been placed, our team of professional pharmacy technicians and health care professionals will review your order and process your prescription. Part of this process involves ensuring that your medication is safe for you to take, that there are no interactions with other medications you may be taking, and that the medication is right for what you are treating.

YouDrugstore works just like your local pharmacy. If you have an ongoing prescription, or refills left over for a current prescription, you can transfer it to our pharmacy. Simply contact us by phone or email to ask about our prescription transfer service. We will need an image of your valid prescription in order to fill it and any ongoing refills you may have.

Our prices reflect the same prices that most Canadians pay when they need medication. In fact, you can save up to 80% or more on your prescriptions when you shop at YouDrugstore. But why are medications so much cheaper in Canada compared to the United States?

In America, medications, medical devices and other health care products are made by private companies. As private businesses, these companies have, in many cases, a legal obligation to make as much profit as possible. This is to cover the cost of the manufacturing and marketing of the drug, as well as to ensure that the company’s investors and stakeholders also make a profit. As owners of their products, these companies are also able to set whatever prices they wish. All of this generally translates into drug prices that soar as much as the market allows them to.

In contrast, drug pricing is regulated by the government in Canada. This means that the drug companies cannot legally charge whatever they want, they can only charge a certain amount for their medicines. In fact, drug prices in Canada can not increase more than the average increase in everyday consumer products, and the government can directly order a drug manufacturer to lower its prices if it finds a product is too expensive.

This leads many Americans to buy medication from Canada because of the huge savings they receive. Not only is Canada a close neighbor, but the costs of filling a prescription are significantly more affordable. As mentioned above, people can save up to 80% or even more on their prescriptions by ordering from

The short answer is no. Just because drugs cost less in Canada does not mean that they are any less effective, or of lower quality, than they are in America. In fact, almost all of the products in Canada are made by the exact same manufacturers that provide the same medication in the United States. Some drugs may have a different name in Canada than they do in the United States, but they are not any less effective and they are not of lower quality. The difference in names is usually due to an issue with the licensing and marketing of the drug, not the drug itself.

There are a number of reasons for why most Americans choose to order medication from Canada instead of overseas. The most obvious reason is the fact that distance plays a role when it comes to shipping. When you order medication overseas, it could expire by the time it reaches you, the packaging could get damaged, or the medication could become compromised. It can also take twice as long to reach you compared to if you order from Canada. Another reason is the fact that medication in countries overseas are regulated quite differently than how they are in North America. How they manufacture the medication, how they handle medication, and how they test their medication is arguably less strict and more lenient compared to the laws and policies that restrict how medication is treated in Canada and the United States. Furthermore, there have been countless instances of fake or counterfeit medication being sold and shipped to North Americans from overseas.

Need help finding your medication? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-968-6337