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Periods and Their Elimination—Would You Miss ‘Em?

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  While maintaining reliable contraception, there is a buzz all over the internet about how the oral contraceptive (birth control pill, or BCP) can be manipulated (off-label use) to artificially manipulate one’s menstrual cycles and by doing so, one’s periods. Before entering the discussions on this, however, the standard way to use the pill—the "Label" way—needs mentioning.   Label Use   Using the standard 28-day pack, which contains 21 days of active combination-hormone pills, ending with 7 days of placebo, will maintain contraception while artificially orchestrating a perfect 28-day cycle. That means a period at the end of each pack. Alternately, there are 21-day packs that assume a woman will simply go pill-free for 7 days after the 21-pill pack is empty.   Off-label Use   “Off-label” use means using a medication in a way not approved by regulatory agencies such as the FDA with an otherwise approved "labe ...

Birth Control Pills (BCPs) And The Summer Of Love

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In the previous article on contraceptives, “To Be or Not to Be—That is the Contraceptive,” the methods of preventing pregnancy were listed and described. But none of them has changed the world the way the oral contraceptive—or “birth control pill” (BCP)—has.   The Combination Pill and the Progesteron-only Pill (POP) Ingredients—one scoop or two Two types of pill have been marketed. The more popular version is called the “combination pill,” because it has both an estrogen and a progesterone, the main female hormones involved in the menstrual cycle and ovulation. For women who cannot take estrogen, the progesterone-only pill (POP) was developed.   Party on! Adventures in promiscuity and sexual experimentation To say “the pill” was a revolution is an understatement. It was introduced first in the 1960s, and along with daring and provocative music, changing concepts of morality, and the hippie ...

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