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Contraceptives Or Tubal Ligation? Thoughts To Consider

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Why Tying Your Tubes Is Not Like Tying Your Shoelaces It is easy to untie your shoelaces. Your tubes are more difficult. What we are talking about here are your fallopian tubes, which carry an egg for fertilization from the ovary toward your uterus (womb) for implantation. Tying them effectively puts up a block so the sperm coming from the other direction can not get to the egg. Pregnancy is prevented in this way, which is why a tubal ligation is performed surgically as a permanent contraceptive.   Tubal Ligation: Is it a permanent solution to a temporary problem? “Permanent” is the important distinction here. Unfortunately, the simplistic description of merely “tying” them makes it sound so un-doable. Simply untie them if you change your mind, right? Sadly, this is a misconception some women discover only after the procedure. Shoelaces are inanimate objects made of string, twine, or cloth. Your tubes are dynamic, living tissue with physiologic pro ...

Are There Adverse Interactions Between Puregon and Alcohol?

puregon and alcohol
The exact interactions between Puregon and alcohol are unfortunately not well understood by physicians. However, before we can actually delve into this issue, let us first take a closer look at just what this medication is and what it is used for. Puregon contains follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This hormone is made available in this drug in either the form of a powder or a premixed injectible solution. FSH occurs naturally in the body, but that which is found in Puregon has been created thanks to recombinant DNA technology. Physicians usually prescribe this medication for fertility treatments or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Puregon is, for the most part, used to effectively deal with infertility problems in women. This, like just mentioned, also includes assisted reproductive methods such as IVF. In such circumstances, it can help in efficiently stimulating the ovaries to produce a significantly improved number of eggs to be harvested. Puregon can also be presc ...

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