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Back of the Knee Pain

An xray of a knee
The knee is a hinge joint that allows for bending and straightening, or flexion and extension. It is also a weight-bearing joint, and because it is both articulating and weight-bearing, it is the one joint most prone to suffering damage from trauma and overuse. Overuse injuries can include or involve the following:          Patellofemoral pain: This is pain that comes about from overuse of the knee, which is the most common cause of pain in the knee. Pain is in the front of the knee or behind the kneecap. Bursitis: The lining of the joint, the bursa, lubricates the joint, but with overuse, it can cause inflammation. Patellar tendonitis (“jumper’s knee”): This is strain caused by weak upper leg muscles, hamstring, and gluteal muscles. Osteoarthritis: This is degeneration caused by wear-and-tear. Acute injuries can include or involve the following: Muscle strain: In particular, this can occur in the front (quadriceps) or ba ...

Arthritis: What are the most common forms of arthritis?

Arthritis: What are the most common forms of arthritis?
Inflammation and pain in the joints, or arthritis, can be caused by many things. The CDC estimates about 23% of all adults have been diagnosed with some form of it. In fact, 12% of people in the USA suffer with arthritis chronically. According to the Arthritis Foundation, there are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and related diseases. Psoriasis, bacterial infections (e.g., gonorrhea), viral infections (e.g., hepatitis B, Chikungunya), lupus, scleroderma, Lyme disease, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and gout can all cause arthritis, making diagnosis challenging. Arthritis has a severe economic impact due to lost employment days and lost wages and a psychological impact due to its negative influence on quality of life. Untreated, it can only get worse, resulting in permanent joint damage and a lifelong ordeal of suffering. What are the most common forms of arthritis? The top two types of arthritis, comprising 90% of all arthritis diagnoses, are osteoarthritis, which ...

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