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Tamoxifen Dosage to Improve Fertility in Women

Tamoxifen Dosage to Improve Fertility in Women
Tamoxifen is one of the drugs that improves fertility in women by increasing the number of viable eggs produced from the ovaries. Depending on the tamoxifen dosage that a woman takes, the drug has different effects in aiding fertility. Before taking the drug is it advisable to consult you, gynecologist, because there are various factors that determine the dosage such as age. Older women might need a higher dose to improve fertility. Initially, the drug was used by women going through chemotherapy because of the adverse effects it has on fertility. It was observed apart from preventing and managing breast cancer; the drug increased the number of viable eggs. Who is the right candidate for Tamoxifen? The drug is very specific in the treatment of fertility because it can only treat infertility associated with ovulation problems. It helps in the induction of ovulation, so it is best suited for women who have a problem with ovulation. This is mainly women who have been diag ...

Skin Cancer - A Tan To Die For

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The sun is shining, the water is calling: summer is bathing suit season! Lying on the beach, surfing the waves, challenging yourself to a hike in the woods or perhaps a marathon bike ride, summer is the perfect time to soak up those ultra violet rays for that lovely golden glow. If you, like so many others others, enjoy a deep, rich tan that your friends say is to die for, you should also be aware that they are closer to the truth than you might think. About Skin Cancer Skin cancer is among the most common forms of cancer and one in every five people will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime. Is is estimated that over eight thousand people a day are diagnosed with some sort of skin cancer. Most treatments for skin cancer can be performed on an out-patient basis with specialized topical creams or medications, or through surgery to remove the diseased area from the skin. More advanced cases could extend to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Types of Skin Cancer ...

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