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Cholesterol and Multiple Sclerosis - The Surprising Relationship

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  Cholesterol is Good for You? To understand Multiple Sclerosis (MS) you first have to deal with some preliminary information about our grandly designed human body. “Design” is a controversial word, because it implies a designer. Yet, the coordinated processes that make the whole thing work can evoke admiration—often stunned admiration—for the unfathomable complexities, ingenuity, and infinite synchrony it uses, from every millisecond in every cell of our bodies all the way out to the better part of a century. What Is Cholesterol? Enter cholesterol, the villain of industrialized nations that is often unfairly judged by the company it keeps: obesity, hypertension, early death. Cholesterol, however, is itself very complicated, and as it turns out, very necessary for us. There is good cholesterol (HDL, or high density lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol (LDL, or low density lipoprotein). Their mix and proportions can determine your risk of cardiac and ...

Ovidrel, a Fertility Drug: Success Rates

Ovidrel, a Fertility Drug: Success Rates
Every woman in this world dreams for motherhood. But some women unfortunately could not conceive due to some genetic, environmental and structural problems in their reproductive system. In the recent world the women who cannot naturally conceive are increasing in number due to the western culture and sedentary lifestyle. But fortunately there are many in vitro fertilization techniques available for them to experience the bay of mother-ship. Ovidrel is one of the most common drugs which aid the maturation of eggs that is crucial for in vitro fertilization. It also helps in maturation of eggs for the natural fertilization. For these techniques Ovidrel is administered orally or parenteral before 36 hours of sexual intercourse or extraction of eggs from the female.    Many doctors prefer Ovidrel to other drugs for prescribing to their patients for the maturation of eggs due to its high success rate. It is a Recombinant Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone which h ...

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