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Are Victoza and Saxenda Different Medications?

saxenda and victoza differences
Victoza and Saxenda What is Liraglutide?  Liraglutide is the generic name for two diabetes drugs, brand-named Victoza and Saxenda. The two drugs both contain this same ingredient, although they are FDA approved for different things. That is a dosage difference only. Indications for Victoza 1—FDA indicated to help lower blood sugar levels in conjunction with diet, exercise, and other diabetes medicines. As such, it is not a first choice for diabetes II, but only for patients that need supplemental treatment to other diabetic medications. Although the higher dose Saxenda (see below) is the same medicine, but for weight loss, the lower-dosed Victoza has also been known to have weight loss as a side effect.   Indications for Saxenda2—FDA approved for weight loss. It also can be used for diabetes II, but since the dose for weight loss is higher than that of Victoza, it also helps with sugar control. It is approved for people with a body mass index (B ...

Drug Allergies - What Causes Them?

what are drug allergies
Drug Allergies   Risk vs. benefit. So goes the credo when deciding whether to use a medication. All things taken into account, including the disease—untreated vs. treated, the side effects, the allergic reactions, and the untoward effects, it will either be better or worse for a person to take any medication.   Aren’t you what you eat? We have evolved as a self-contained bag of processes, using biochemistry to make energy, regulate processes, and control organs. Introducing a substance that has a chemistry that isn’t the same is going to get noticed by your body. Thankfully, whether helpful or not, your body uses three main things to eliminate danger: Gastrointestinal—digestive acids and the filtering absorption properties of stomach and intestinal cells can modify medication taken orally.   You are not what you absorb!   Hepatic—the liver alters the molecules of foreign chemicals so that they can be excreted into ...

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