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Genito-Urinary System Infections - Kidney and Bladder Problems

Genito-Urinary System Infections
This article primarily will center on GU infections of the bladder and kidney. But first, an introductory metaphor to illustrate the issue at hand. Body Spaces and Stagnant Ponds Look at any stagnant pond. Covered by green scum and stinky, it is an entirely different ecosystem from what is typical in a flowing, renewing, currents of water. The human body is no different. It doesn’t like standing collections of fluid. When that happens, the conditions become excellent for invaders who seize the opportunity to set up house. Whether it’s fluid behind the ear drum of a child swimmer, bile stasis from gallstones interfering with drainage, or a consistent puddle of urine from incompletely emptying one’s bladder, one thing is certain: infection will occur. Our bodies are dynamic, and there are repetitive sequences (e.g., heartbeat), feedback loops (e.g., menstruation), and spaces awash with fluids that balance filling with emptying (e.g., the bladder). Anything interf ...

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Its Frequent Comorbidities

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Its Frequent Comorbidities
The More the Unmerrier: Birds of a Feather Mock Together   GAD stands for generalized anxiety disorder, an exaggerated state of persistent worrying that is uncontrollable and impairing, occurring more than 50% of the time over at least 6 months. It arises from genetic, neuropsychological, and developmental/personality factors. Unfortunately, the majority of people (two-thirds) with GAD also have major depression or other anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder (SAD), specific phobia, or panic disorder. It can also be seen with substance abuse, PTSD, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.1 Like the flock of birds alighting on the jungle gym in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, the more there are, the more vicious the attack.   Comorbidities often seen with GAD3 Social anxiety disorder (SAD) Also known as social phobia, SAD is an extreme fear of situations subject to scrutiny by others. A person with SAD fears embarrassment or humiliation, so endures these si ...

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