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Chances Of Getting Pregnant From Precum

A pregnant woman holding her belly
Are you aware that for you to get pregnant; there are a few things needed? Well, the following must be present:   Healthy egg from a woman Quality sperm from the man A warm and a healthy environment- to support the egg for fertilization and implantation   Most people have the basic knowledge of how the reproductive works; however many misconceptions go around reproductive health, for example, you can’t get pregnant from precum.   What is Precum?   Precum is the bodily fluid that usually seeps from the penis during intercourse Cowper’s glands produce the fluid It travels from the urethra then to the penis It is also known as pre-ejaculate, pre-ejaculatory fluid, pre-seminal fluid or Cowper’s fluid   You now understand what pre-ejaculate is; let’s move to the misconception that you can’t get pregnant from precum. Truth be told, there are chances of getting pregnant from precum.   What are the chances of getti ...

Heparin Injection During Pregnancy

Heparin Injection During Pregnancy
Heparin Use in Pregnancy Heparin is a form of anticoagulant used to prevent blood from clotting. This medication is a commonly used anticoagulant in modern times. It is considered safe since it does not penetrate the placenta. The drug can be used prevent blood clots in lungs, veins, and arteries. Doctors administer Heparin injections before an operation to avoid the risk of blood clots. Doctors do not recommend using this medication when suffering from uncontrolled bleeding or when having low platelets in your veins. Let the doctor know of any blood pressure issues, heart condition, liver disease, intestinal problems or bleeding issues before getting shots. Heparin is administered during pregnancy to prevent recurrent miscarriages usually linked to Thrombophilia disorder. Suffering from a miscarriage can be a traumatizing experience for any woman. Chances of a woman suffering from blood clotting increase during pregnancy. A pregnant woman is li ...

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