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Health And Wellness

Why Is Everyone So Frickin’ Bipolar Nowadays?

Side by side of a happy man and sad man
We all do it. Someone’s moody and we call her bipolar. Someone needs his coffee—badly—and we call him bipolar. Some people are just plain rude and we call them bipolar. If it were the politically correct way to say someone’s crazy, then why do we whisper it? Because it is not correct. We all have to get along and everyone who crosses our sensitivity red line is not bipolar. As it turns out, most people we unfairly label bipolar have a good reason to be moody or need their coffee or act just plain rude. Today’s hectic life breeds behavior like this. Let’s think about this. A hundred thousand years ago, everyone woke up with the sunrise. The men then hunted-gathered and the woman took care of the children all day. Near dusk, the men brought home what they had killed; everyone participated in the family cooking, ate, got sleepy, and retired, sometimes to make more children. And sleep until the next dawn. Repeat. Simple. Today we are forced to ...

Erectile Dysfunction And Aging

A man sitting on his bed frowning
Who is at risk the most? Erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with increasing age. Contrary to the popular belief that aging is synonymous with erectile dysfunction, impotence in men is not always age-related. While the fact remains that age often does play a role in erectile dysfunction, you do not have to live in fear that once you step over the threshold into middle age you are destined to develop this debilitating condition. What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is the inability to have or sustain a sufficient erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. Since male arousal is a consequence of a multitude of systems (especially hormonal, circulatory, and nervous systems) working together, a problem with any one of these systems can interfere with the ability to perform sexually. What causes erectile dysfunction? Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, smoking, alcoholism, recreational drug use, obesity and anxiety disorders are some of the comm ...

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