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How To Help A Friend With Depression – The Dos and Don'ts

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There is an abundance of information you can find to learn about depression and its symptoms if you have been diagnosed with it, but what if you find yourself in the complicated and stressful position of trying to help a friend or loved one with this mental disorder? How do you help a friend with depression? What do you say to them? Should you treat them differently? Will it affect your relationship with them? Depression affects all aspects of a person's life, and it generally wreaks havoc on personal and professional relationships. Friends, family members, and work colleagues alike tend to find themselves feeling either frustrated, guilty, confused, or at a loss when it comes to their depressed loved one. Fortunately, there are things you can do – and things you should avoid – to help your loved one while they work their way through their problems. The following is a guide for the Dos and Don'ts of how to help a friend with depression. Click one of the following links to ...

How To Help Someone With Depression – The Definitive Guide

How To Help Someone With Depression – The Definitive Guide
Depression is one of the most common serious mental disorders, and yet it is often misunderstood, unnoticed, or even ignored. Everyone feels down sometimes, but depressed people have a persistently low mood that affects all facets of their life. If you believe you or someone you love may be depressed, read the following information to learn ways to help someone with depression. This guide consists of ten chapters that will help you learn about this serious mental disorder and how to treat it. To skip to a particular chapter, click one of the following links: Chapter 1: What is it? – Types of Depression Chapter 2: What are the Symptoms? – Symptoms of Depression Chapter 3: When to See a Doctor – Diagnosis of Depression Chapter 4: Who is at Risk? – Causes of Depression Chapter 5: How to Help – What to Say to a Friend with Depression Chapter 6: Types of Treatment Chapter 7: Natural Treatments Chapter 8: Counseling and Therapy Chapter 9: Medication C ...

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