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Progesterone Pills And Its Side Effects

progesterone pills side effects
Progesterone (P4) is a crucial hormone, more so in a woman. It is produced by your ovaries naturally and made in the laboratory. However, if you have a P4 deficiency, the doctor can prescribe Progesterone pills under the following circumstances:   Induce menstrual periods To treat abnormal uterine bleeding To cure menopausal symptoms To improve the signs of premenstrual syndrome During hormone replacement therapy During pregnancy To treat infertility    The medication is available in the following forms:   Vaginal gel Vaginal suppositories Vaginal inserts Pills /tablets/ capsules Injectable oil   If the doctor prescribes progesterone pills, take the tablet orally with a glass of water, but be prepared to experience side effects. Adhere to the doctor’s prescriptions and take it at regular intervals. Don’t take more or less of it; an overdose or an under dose may worsen the negative effects.   Using Progestero ...

Are There Chances Of getting Pregnant On Your Period?

Are There Chances Of getting Pregnant On Your Period?
Failure or misuse of birth control is a primary cause of unplanned pregnancies. Being pregnant attracts different feelings, to some, it is a joy after much waiting. To others it is stressing since the last thing on your mind was to become pregnant. Whichever the case, it is crucial to learn when you can become pregnant to take advantage of the circumstance to attain a pregnancy if that’s your goal; or to avoid the situation if not ready to become pregnant. It is a misconception that a woman can’t become pregnant during her period after having sex. What is a period? For every woman of childbearing age, every month, the lining of the uterus becomes thicker in preparation for pregnancy after an egg is fertilized. If the egg is not fertilized, the lining is shed off as blood via the vagina. The process is known as period or menstruation. But what are chances of getting pregnant on your period? The chances of getting pregnant on your period Chances of becoming pregnant on ...

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