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When and how to take Ovidrel shot

Ovidrel shot
After having a long discussion with your fertility expert, he informed you that in the last cycle of your fertility treatment, you will use Ovidrel shot. You trust his judgment and you didn’t ask any questions as you needed to attend to an important meeting. Later on, you asked yourself, what is it? It is a fertility drug given in the form of an injection. It enables the eggs to mature well and be released. The drug comes in a prefilled syringe containing a hormone in the form of a liquid. The hormone is known as HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). The drug is also referred to as trigger shot because it triggers ovulation.   How to Give a Shot   The nurse will give the Ovidrel shot or you can do it in the comfort of your house. The doctor will teach you to do it at home. Ensure you follow the medication instructions given by the doctor outlined below:   Assemble all the required materials in one area, namely, prefilled syringe, a ...

The Top Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

best sex positions to conceive baby. sex positions for getting pregnant
It is really a very exciting thing trying to get pregnant. However, while many of us think that it will take only a few days to conceive, it can actually consume a lot of time. This can really be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, it is possible to boost your chances of becoming pregnant by a number of ways from altering your diet to trying various sex positions. In this article, we have mentioned information regarding what are the best sex positions to conceive a baby.   1. Missionary Being one of the best sex positions to conceive baby, this style of sex has its own benefits. In this particular position, the man is usually on top while the female lies on her back. The pelvis of the woman isn’t tilted to face downwards and this helps the sperm to travel close to the cervix which assists in conception and also the male partner has a greater scope for achieving deeper penetration. Besides this, it also aids the lovers to feel close to each other and even m ...

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