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Seasonal Allergies – Frequently Asked Questions Resolved

faqs seasonal allergies answered
  Can seasonal allergies cause acne?   No. But they can stimulate an acne tendency. Acne is a pore problem, but if allergies irritate the skin (your skin can be allergic, just like your eyes or throat), cellular debris will build up faster. So, no, but indirectly…yes.   What do seasonal allergies feel like?   Since seasonal allergies are a group of conditions, there can be any combination of sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, itchy throat, itchy ears, poor sleep at night, and itchy eyes.   When does spring allergy season end?, when is allergy season in my particular area? When does it end?   The following map can help you determine whether allergy season has kicked in your particular area in the United States. This tool is hosted in WebMD.    Source:      This other map can help you determine if allergy season has started in your provi ...

Where Are More Antidepressants Taken—USA or Canada?

who take more antidepressants americans or canadians
The prescribing and use of antidepressants is rising. Interestingly, it seems the biggest rise occurs in countries that are traditionally perceived as the happiest.1 In trying to find an association between suicide rates2 and happiness (or depression), no real association can be determined. One thing is clear, however: not only is the use of antidepressants rising, but the rise is accelerating.3   Unhappy Americans, unhappy Canadians So how do the statistics play out for the USA and for Canada? As it turns out, one out of 10,000 people annually commit suicide in the USA. In Canada, it is a hair higher (about a hundredth of a person higher). Of course, the USA has a larger population (many more groups of 10,000 people), so it will have an absolute number of suicides that is larger than Canada’s and with it, the amount of diagnosed depression. Within statistical error, this means that although the numbers are different, the suicide rate is about the same for the two ...

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