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Ocular Migraine: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention and More

Ocular Migraines Weird, but not fun. That’s one way of describing migraine headaches. But the term, migraine headache, itself, is very broad. What we’re talking about here is something that messes with the brain, and since the brain is the way everyone deciphers the electromagnetic wavelengths and atoms of the universe to construct a worldview through which to navigate in life, alterations there can be debilitating to that navigation. When it comes to the subject of “ocular” migraines, that is, disturbances in vision due to a migraine process, the bottom line is that it is still a migraine.   What are ocular migraines? An ocular migraine, also called “retinal migraine,” is a migraine condition with repeated episodes of simple visual hallucinations or blindness, in one eye, associated with or followed by a headache.1 The word “ocular” is preferred over “retinal” because it is not just a disturbance of the retin ...

Allergies: Genetic or Environmental? Our Immune System Says

allergies genetic or environmental
Granting Immunity   Safe from harm: this is the prime directive for the immune system. This system in the body is not perfect, but it’s pretty good. Automatically, spontaneously, vigilantly, and mindlessly, this system monitors the body for enemies—domestic and foreign—for credible threats, expertly ignoring the innocent and relentlessly pursuing the dangerous. At least, in a perfect world.   If the immune system is so good at what it does, why is my nose running? As stated above, it’s not perfect. We live in a much cluttered world. Any deep breath indoors is liable to take into the body dust motes of insect parts, insect waste, dirt, dead skin from others, viral particles, fungus, bacteria, and particulate pollution from cooking and smoke.1 Go outdoors and one inhales pollen, diesel pollution and other smog, dust, burn soot, a variety of microorganisms, and even burnt meteorite particles.2 But where does the immune system draw the line be ...

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