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Cholesterol and Multiple Sclerosis - The Surprising Relationship

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  Cholesterol is Good for You? To understand Multiple Sclerosis (MS) you first have to deal with some preliminary information about our grandly designed human body. “Design” is a controversial word, because it implies a designer. Yet, the coordinated processes that make the whole thing work can evoke admiration—often stunned admiration—for the unfathomable complexities, ingenuity, and infinite synchrony it uses, from every millisecond in every cell of our bodies all the way out to the better part of a century. What Is Cholesterol? Enter cholesterol, the villain of industrialized nations that is often unfairly judged by the company it keeps: obesity, hypertension, early death. Cholesterol, however, is itself very complicated, and as it turns out, very necessary for us. There is good cholesterol (HDL, or high density lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol (LDL, or low density lipoprotein). Their mix and proportions can determine your risk of cardiac and ...

The Only Guide to Antidepressants You’ll Ever Need…This Month

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  This article is all you will need to navigate through the winding and confusing path of antidepressants, but only for now. Medical research and Pharmaceutical pioneers will make sure there is something new to add to the subject from time to time, and those time intervals are getting shorter, always.   In the beginning… Of course, back in the “olden days,” mid-last century, there was nothing for depression except walking it off. But this advice never really worked well, especially when it came to the suicide rate among depressed people. We have come to learn that not treating depression, because of the risk of suicide, is much more dangerous than the side effects patients new to antidepressants get into a panic over. This is selective panic over the wrong thing. The real fear is that the depression could get worse without treatment. The psychiatrists and psychologists of the time did their best, but there was no way any insight, self-epiphany, ...

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