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Is Viagra Covered By Insurance In The USA? Explained

Is Viagra Covered By Insurance
Viagra’s Exclusion from Insurance Plans’ Coverage List While it may depend on where patients live, most states in the United States exclude Viagra from their essential prescription drug list. The relatively high prices of Viagra and other ED drugs makes health insurers hesitant to cover these drugs. Each tablet of Viagra costs approximately, $60 and generic versions are often 50% cheaper. Given the nature of how the drug is used, a $30 generic tablet is still a burden to a majority of the affected individuals In 2016, Caremark and Express Scripts dropped Viagra from their new list of covered drugs, leaving Cialis as the only option for ED patients who respond well to a PDE5 inhibitor. Fortunately, generic versions of the drug are now available, and more are scheduled to be released in the coming years. Most health insurance companies promote the use of generic drugs because they are cheaper, so they are more likely to cover generic sildenafil. Medicare, on t ...

How Long Does it Take for Viagra to Work?

How Long Does it Take for Viagra to Work
How long does before the effects of Viagra start kicking in? The amount of time required for Viagra to start working is different for each person. It has been reported to take effect as early as 30 minutes. Usual recommendations suggest taking sildenafil 30–60 minutes before sexual activity. Many people reported an earlier onset of action when the drug was taken on an empty stomach. Taking it with food, especially with a high-fat meal, may delay its absorption. How does it work and how long does it last? The human penis is composed of two chambers, known as the corpora cavernosa. When a person is aroused, the arteries dilate, causing the chambers to be filled with blood. The spongy tissues inside these chambers allow blood to flow in, leading to an erection. Patients with erectile dysfunction may have an underlying medical condition affecting the nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis. Sildenafil works by improving blood flow to the penis through widening or rel ...

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