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Important Information On Ovidrel Multiple Births And Effectiveness Of The Fertility Treatment

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What is it for?   Ovidrel is a medication that enhances the body’s ability to ovulate by supplying a hormone called hCG. This fertility treatment is applied by inserting a needle below the skin of the abdominal area with the aim of triggering ovulation. The drug’s ability to trigger a release of all mature follicles may enhance one’s ability to get twins or even triplets; a situation commonly known as Ovidrel multiple births.   The standard dosage is 250 mcg per day although this may vary depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s opinion on the same.   Some patients prefer to administer the medication themselves and that is allowed provided one follows the instructions on the package carefully in line with the doctor’s opinion.   In most cases, ovulation happens within 36 hours after the injection. In order to increase chances of its effectiveness, it is recommended to have sex over that period of time. Those using other ...

Basic Information About Letrozole Dosage

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Letrozole dosage is determined by the physician depending on: • Existing health conditions • The condition being treated • The drugs you are taking or have taken in the past • How the patient responds to Letrozole • The liver function • The age • Weight   Uses of Letrozole   Letrozole is a prescription drug used mainly to treat breast cancer in postmenopausal women. It’s also termed as Femara and it’s an aromatase inhibitor. After menopause, a woman doesn’t produce estrogen in the ovaries; however, a small amount of the hormone is produced by an aromatase enzyme which converts androgens into estrogen. The change happens in your fatty tissue, skin, and muscles. This medication works by blocking aromatase, hence the conversion doesn’t take place and estrogen production is suppressed. Some breast cancer depends on estrogen to grow and spread, such breast cancer is called hormone receptor positive or hormone sensitive. When estr ...

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