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What Is The Best Treatment for General Anxiety Disorder?

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Treatment for General Anxiety Disorder The definition of general anxiety disorder, “GAD,” is an exaggerated state of persistent worrying that is uncontrollable and impairing, occurring more than 50% of the time over at least 6 months. It is often accompanied by distress, apprehension, mood irritability and even physical manifestations, such as fatigue and muscular tension.1 There is evidence that the biochemistry of the brain is heavily involved, including neurotransmitters.2,3   Treatment   Treatment for GAD involves identifying and addressing the following:   Genetic factors Neuropsychological factors Developmental and personality factors   Genetic factors are already done and can’t really be undone. However, identifying a family history will help identify other co-morbidities that will affect treatment. For example, if a major depression figures prominently in a parent, clues to the same, well-hidden before learning the f ...

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine: When To Take Steroids or NSAIDs?

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Anti-inflammatories Inflammation hurts. But that is just to get your attention. Pain, be it from inflammation, trauma, or even emotionally, is a warning sign that you need to pay attention to something. It’s how we survive as a species. When you bang your thumb with a hammer, the pain you get is your body’s way of telling you, “Don’t do that, stupid! You wanna lose your thumb?” Not all pain warnings are expressed as elegantly as that, however. In the case of inflammation, besides the obvious warnings of pain and tenderness, there is at work a secret mission to fight the culprit causing injury and to heal and repair the damage done. While the tissue itself swings into repair mode, it is your circulation that provides the inflammatory response that is the initial part of any healing. Tissue damage, infection, and foreign bodies (like splinters or in-grown hairs) all send out a distress call that mobilizes the cells of your body—white blood c ...

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